Out in Front
Tuesday 12 March 2024
Taiwan science parks see combined revenue decline in 2023; expansion plans and government support
According to Taiwan's National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), in 2023, the total combined revenue of Taiwan's government-developed science parks, which include Hsinchu Science...
Friday 3 November 2023
TSMC modifies new fab projects in Taiwan, sources say
TSMC has made changes to its new fab projects in Taiwan, including the suspension of a planned advanced packaging fab in the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) Tongluo site, according to...
Tuesday 31 October 2023
TSMC fab investments buoying STSP revenue
TSMC has become the primary revenue backer of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), as it is for the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), which is nearly saturated with land, according...
Tuesday 17 October 2023
TSMC says no plans for investment in Longtan
TSMC has stated that, given the current circumstances, the pure-play foundry will not consider investing in Longtan, northern Taiwan.
Thursday 28 September 2023
Taiwan science parks see combined revenue fall 12% in 1H23
Government-developed science parks in Taiwan, including Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), and Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), saw a combined revenue...
Friday 18 August 2023
Advanced packaging becomes next battlefield for Intel and TSMC
The importance of advanced packaging to the continuation of Moore's Law has already attracted TSMC and Intel to the field.
Monday 24 April 2023
UMC honorary vice chair sheds light on the development history of Taiwan as silicon island
Following half a century of development, Taiwan now has the world's most complete semiconductor industry clusters and professional division of labor, and ranks first globally in the...
Tuesday 17 January 2023
Foundry PSMC cautious about 1Q23 outlook
Pure-play foundry Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) has expressed caution about its sales prospects for the first quarter of 2023 when its overall fab utilization rate...
Tuesday 27 December 2022
Taisic to expand production capacity for SiC substrates
Taisic Materials, a subsidiary of the Kenmec group specializing in silicon carbide (SiC) substrates, plans to triple its number of crystal growth furnaces to supply Foxconn's newly...
Thursday 10 November 2022
Hsinchu Science Park to acquire land in Longtan for new TSMC fab
Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) will complete the acquisition of land in Longtan, Taoyuan, in the northern part of Taiwan, for TSMC's new 1nm wafer fab within two years, according...
Friday 14 October 2022
Foundry PSMC slashes 2022 capex
Pure-play foundry Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC), which specializes in specialty DRAM, display driver ICs, CMOS image sensors and power management ICs, as well as customized...
Friday 26 August 2022
VIS, PSMC slow down establishment of new fabs
Pure-play foundries Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) have decided to slow down the establishment of their new fabs, as customers...
Wednesday 13 April 2022
Foundry PSMC sees 1Q22 gross margin exceed 50%
Pure-play foundry Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) saw its gross margin climb to a record high of 51% in the first quarter of 2022, when net profits grew 6.8% sequentially...
Tuesday 18 January 2022
Foundry PSMC sees revenue, profit surge in 2021
Pure-play foundry Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) saw its revenue hit a record high of NT$65.62 billion (US$2.38 billion) in 2021, when pre-tax profits hiked 300% on...
Friday 15 October 2021
Will foundry expansions lead to capacity glut?
Many IDMs and pure-play foundries, including second-tier ones, are all poised to expand their fab capacities sparking concerns that the arrival of the additional capacities could...
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