Wednesday 17 April 2024
Samsung Device Solution head reportedly seeking closer ties with Taiwan server ODMs
Kye Hyun Kyung, head of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions (DS) division, has visited Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) during his stay in Taiwan, with his itinerary reportedly covering...
Monday 15 April 2024
Samsung gets US$6.4 billion from CHIPS Act, promises to bring HBM and advanced packaging to Texas
The US Department of Commerce (DOC) and Samsung Electronics signed a non-binding preliminary memorandum of terms (PMT) on April 15 to provide up to US$6.4 billion in direct funding...
Monday 15 April 2024
Samsung executives visited Taiwan and TSMC in secret for HBM collaboration
According to sources in Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain, Samsung Electronics visited Taiwan at the end of March.
Monday 15 April 2024
Hanmi won HBM equipment orders from Micron, Samsung next?
In recent years, due to the development of the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) market, the thermal compression (TC) bonder equipment produced by Hanmi Semiconductor has attracted attention...
Monday 8 April 2024
Samsung's advanced packaging reportedly grabs Nvidia orders amid competition with TSMC
Samsung Electronics' advanced packaging business, Samsung Advanced Package Technology(AVP), has successfully garnered the attention of Nvidia by providing interposer and 2.5D packaging...
Monday 8 April 2024
SK Hynix enters investment deal for advanced chip packaging with Indiana
SK Hynix recently announced plans to invest an estimated US$3.87 billion in West Lafayette, Indiana to build an advanced packaging fabrication and R&D facility for AI products.
Tuesday 2 April 2024
Chip vendors gearing up for transition to 12-layer HBM memory
Primary memory manufacturers are expected to encounter increased competition in the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) industry in the second half of 2024, as manufacturing technology specs...
Friday 29 March 2024
CXL and HBM become key sections of Samsung's memory solution roadmap
Samsung Electronics recently disclosed its next-generation memory solution technology roadmap on Memory Con 2024.
Friday 29 March 2024
SK Hynix sees key DRAM opportunity in HBM customization
SK Hynix is expanding the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) contribution to its DRAM revenues and expects a deepening effect of the customization trend of HBM.
Thursday 28 March 2024
Samsung raises HBM shipping volume target, implying successful validation at Nvidia
Samsung Electronics announced an increase in its 2024 HBM shipping volume and disclosed more details about the development of its HBM4 product, showing that its specifications are...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
SK Hynix reportedly planning new packaging facility for HBM in the US
Following the plan to construct an advanced semiconductor packaging facility in Indiana, United States, SK Hynix recently detailed its site selection in West Lafayette, as reported...
Tuesday 26 March 2024
With HBM pie too tempting, could Micron sacrifice production capacity for other memory chips?
Micron Technology has seen its orders for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) wait to be fulfilled throughout 2025.
Tuesday 26 March 2024
Samsung likely to solely supply 12-layer HBM3E to Nvidia as early as September
Reports suggest that Samsung Electronics may soon become the sole supplier of 12-layer HBM products for Nvidia.
Friday 22 March 2024
Samsung seeks to stir the AI chip ecosystem with self-designed accelerator
Samsung Electronics announced at its shareholders' meeting that it is investing in the development of an AI accelerator, MACH-1, aiming to challenge Nvidia, and further revolutionize...
Thursday 21 March 2024
Nvidia's Jensen Huang takes diplomatic rain check on Samsung's wafers
Huang showcased his diplomatic flair at Nvida's AI developers' conference.
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