Friday 23 February 2024
US reportedly suspends permission for materials shipping to SMIC
Amidst Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation's (SMIC) growing capacity to produce advanced chips despite sanctions from the US, a report indicates that the US government...
Thursday 13 July 2023
TSMC fab expansion in Taiwan critical for preserving supply chain advantage
The continuous expansion of TSMC's fab in Taiwan, home to the world's largest pure-play foundry, is essential for preserving the country's supply chain advantages, according to industry...
Thursday 11 May 2023
Entegris opens manufacturing facility in southern Taiwan
Entegris, a provider of advanced materials and process solutions to the semiconductor and other high-tech industries, has announced the launch of a 54,000-square-meter manufacturing...
Friday 19 August 2022
TSMC fab toolmakers still on growth track
The second half of 2022 is set to be particularly weak for many high-tech businesses, but Taiwan-based fab toolmakers engaged in TSMC's supply chain remain on track for sales growth...
Thursday 16 December 2021
GlobalWafers sees no signs of demand reversal in years ahead
Silicon wafer supplier GlobalWafers has struck supply deals with customers for 2022 through 2024, and has seen no signs of reversal in demand in the next few years, according to company...
Friday 10 December 2021
TSMC equipment and materials suppliers to embrace strong 2022
TSMC's equipment and materials suppliers including All Ring Tech, Foxsemicon Integrated Technology, Kinik, Marketech International and Nova Technology are expected to enjoy brisk...
Thursday 9 December 2021
Entegris steps up investment in Taiwan
Entegris, a supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for the semiconductor and other high-technology industries, has announced that the company is expanding its total...
Tuesday 30 March 2021
Chipmaking equipment and materials suppliers looking to beef up operations in Taiwan
Japan-based semiconductor equipment vendor Tokyo Electron is reportedly eyeing the acquisition of a 6-inch wafer fab in Taiwan that has been put up on sale, while fellow companies...
Monday 15 March 2021
Semiconductor materials and equipment vendors gaining presence at STSP
The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) Administration is enlisting more semiconductor upstream materials and equipment vendors to further strengthen the core IC manufacturing ecosystem...
Tuesday 22 December 2020
Major IC equipment, materials vendors deepening presence in Taiwan
Many international semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers have been stepping up investments or strengthening deployments in Taiwan seeking to better serve TSMC's ecosystem...
Monday 21 December 2020
Entegris expands manufacturing facility in Taiwan
Entegris, a supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for the semiconductor and other high-technology industries, has announced it is expanding its manufacturing presence...
Thursday 19 November 2020
Entegris licenses RSP and EUV technology to Gudeng
Entegris has announced it has agreed to settle patent litigation and disputes with Gudeng Precision related to reticle pod technology for both conventional and EUV lithography. The...
Thursday 16 April 2020
Specialty semiconductor chemicals in strong demand for advanced processes
Taiwan's suppliers of specialty chemicals for semiconductors will continue to enjoy strong demand in 2020 for process chemicals needed to support advanced fabrication and backend...
Monday 23 September 2019
Entegris, Gudeng competing for EUV pod orders
Entegris and Gudeng Precision Industrial, both of which have received ASML certification for their reticle pods for high-volume IC manufacturing using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography,...
Monday 25 March 2019
Gudeng faces US$32.6 million fine in Taiwan over patent violation
Gudeng Precision Industrial is facing a fine after the Taiwan IP court found that its products violated Entegris' reticle pod patent.