In light of market recovery, Samsung and LG launch new monitor products targeting gaming and AI

Jessica Tsai, Taipei; Jack Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: LGD

To take advantage of the rebound in the global monitor market in 2024, companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are targeting high-performance, gaming, and AI demands by launching new monitor products to accelerate their market penetration.

According to reports from South Korea's The Munhwa Ilbo, Samsung will introduce the 2024 models of their smart monitors, the M8, M7, and M5, all equipped with AI processors. Through AI technology, these monitors can upscale low-resolution content to 4K quality and provide improved sound with the Active Voice Amplifier Pro feature.

Moreover, the smart monitors will feature a built-in gaming center, allowing users to enjoy gaming content without connecting to a computer or gaming console.

As for LG Electronics, it recently unveiled five models of the LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor. Furthermore, in early 2024, LG Electronics deepened its partnership with the South Korean esports club Gen.G Esports, aiming to provide new gaming experiences to esports enthusiasts worldwide.

Interestingly, reports from Ddaily indicate that LG Display (LGD), also part of the LG Group, has completed the development of the world's first "31.5-inch gaming OLED panel," capable of changing screen refresh rates and resolutions according to user preferences. Users can choose between a high-screen-refresh-rate mode (Full HD, 480Hz) and a high-resolution mode (Ultra HD, 240Hz).

This new product began mass production in April 2024. It is expected that LG Electronics will also launch gaming monitor products that feature LGD's 31.5-inch gaming OLED panel in the future.

According to market research firm IDC's predictions, global monitor shipments in 2024 will reach 126 million units, with an annual increase of approximately 2 million units. Looking back, after reaching a peak of 144 million units in 2021, global monitor shipments have declined for two consecutive years. However, in 2024, global monitor demand is expected to rebound.

It is worth noting that high-end gaming monitors, which have maintained a growth trend in recent years, are expected to fuel this rebound in the monitor market. IDC predicts that the global gaming monitor market (with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz or higher) will reach a scale of 22 million units in 2024, with an annual growth rate of approximately 14%.