India roundup: Apple suppliers boost investments in India

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

Smartphone component manufacturers, especially Apple suppliers, ramped up investments in India, and a souring India-China relationship benefits non-Chinese investors in the growing handset manufacturing ecosystem.

Apple reportedly to reduce Chinese exposure in Indian supplier base

Due to delayed approval for investment proposals from China-based manufacturers, the Economic Times quoted sources saying Apple had to find alternative suppliers based in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea for components such as batteries, chargers, casing units, and cables. Meanwhile, the Financial Times quoted sources saying that Apple has asked battery suppliers to set up or expand manufacturing facilities in India and avoid sourcing them from China.

Foxconn accelerates Indian investments, expanding diversification beyond China

FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, said Bharat FIH would make a capital injection in its direct wholly-owned subsidiary, Rising Stars Hi-Tech Private Limited, as a long-term investment for working capital and general corporate purposes.

TDK to set up facility in India, supplying iPhone battery cells

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of state for Electronics and IT of India, said on X on December 4 that TDK is setting up a 180-acre facility in Manesar, Haryana, to make battery cells for made-in-India iPhones, with 1,000 new jobs expected to be created and domestic value addition to increase.

Apple reportedly seeks exemption for older iPhones from common charging port mandate in India

According to PTI, IANS, and Reuters, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs of India held a closed-door meeting on November 28, asking for comments about India's plan to require smartphones to have a common USB Type-C charging port by June 2025. Apple said it could comply with the timeline if existing models are exempt from the rules, and if older iPhones are not exempted, it could only comply with the rule by June 2026.

Tata reportedly plans to build a new facility for iPhone manufacturing

Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported that Tata intends to build a factory in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The facility is expected to house approximately 20 assembly lines and hire 50,000 workers. The objective is to have the site running within 12-18 months.

Dixon aims to be the Foxconn of India with new plant inauguration

According to the corporate filings to the Indian exchanges by Dixon Technology, Padget Electronics inaugurated a 270,000-square-foot factory in Noida with an annual capacity of 25 million smartphones. Padget will make Xiaomi smartphones at this facility under a five-year partnership between the duo.

Local automakers in India reportedly against lowering EV import tax for Tesla

Reuters quoted sources saying that in meetings with Indian government officials, Tata Motors representatives opposed reducing the import tax on EVs from 100% to as low as 15%, which Tesla has been arguing for years. Besides, representatives of Mahindra and Mahindra complained that while the Indian government tried to address the worries of domestic automakers, they remain eager to facilitate the entry of foreign players into the EV sector to achieve a 30% EV penetration target by 2030.

India completes money-laundering investigation against Vivo

The Enforcement Directorate of India filed its first charge sheet against Vivo after completing its investigation into the money laundering case involving Vivo and a few shell companies.