Thursday 25 May 2023
Japanese electronics component makers turn to automotive applications for growth
Japanese electronics component manufacturers such as Murata, Taiyo Yuden, and TDK are mostly conservative about the recovery of smartphone demand and are now placing their hope on...
Wednesday 21 December 2022
No sign of smartphone recovery until late 2023, TDK CEO cautions
Global smartphone sales won't pick up until the year-end holiday season of 2023, battery supplier TDK Corp. warned, offering the most cautious outlook yet on the lackluster market...
Wednesday 31 August 2022
Chinese MLCC industry counts on market size and structural change to challenge Japanese dominance
China's fast-growing multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) market will see the country account for 43.5% of global MLCC demand by 2025, making it the largest, according to the Chinese...
Friday 13 May 2022
TDK to build new factory for automotive MLCCs
TDK has announced plans to construct a new factory building at its manufacturing site in Kitakami, Japan's Iwate Prefecture, for automotive MLCCs. Construction of the factory is scheduled...
Wednesday 13 April 2022
From cassette tapes to Industry 4.0: How corporate venturing charts TDK's way forward
Remember TDK, the familiar logo appearing on those audio cassette tapes? While one might be quick to associate the Japanese electronics manufacturer with a bygone era, TDK remains...
Wednesday 1 December 2021
Nichidenbo upbeat about passive component demand in 2022
Taiwan-based Nichidenbo, which distributes capacitors, MLCCs and other passive components for vendors such as Nippon Chemi-Con and Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Semco), has expressed...
Wednesday 24 February 2021
High-capacitance MLCC prices set to rise
MLCC vendors including Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Semco) and TDK are likely to raise their quotes for high-capacitance MLCCs in response to stronger-than-expected demand for 5G handset...
Friday 8 January 2021
Chilisin sees order visibility for molding chokes extended
Chilisin Electronics has seen order visibility for molding chokes extended to more than four months, and is also expected to ramp up its shipments of LTCC (low temperature co-fired...
Monday 15 July 2019
Taiwan backend houses to see demand for MEMS sensors surge
ASE Technology Holding, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) and Lingsen Precision Industries are among the Taiwan-based backend houses looking to benefit from robust demand for MEMS sensors...
Tuesday 26 February 2019
ASE raises stake in JV with TDK
Taiwan-based Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) has raised its stake in ASE Embedded Electronics, a joint venture between ASE and Japan's TDK, to 90.68%, according to ASE Technology...
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Top makers zero in on high-capacitance MLCCs for 5G, auto uses
The world's top-tier passive component makers will continue to focus production on medium- and high-capacitance MLCCs for industrial control and automotive applications in 2019 to...
Friday 30 November 2018
Backend firm Lingsen optimistic about demand for MEMS
Lingsen Precision Industries has expressed optimism about demand for MEMS including ambient light sensors (ALS), proximity sensors and MEMS microphones. The backend firm expects packaging...
Tuesday 17 April 2018
Taiwan makers to gain from Murata move to drop lower-end MLCC production
Taiwan makers of MLCCs will stand to benefit from Japan-based Murata Manufacturing's move to drop the production of general-type MLCCs before the end of fiscal 2020 to allow more...
Monday 26 March 2018
MLCC prices to rise 40-50% in 2Q18
Major MLCC firms are set to raise their quotes by 40-50% with the new prices to be effective from April 1, according to industry sources. The price rally may have limited impact on...
Monday 5 March 2018
ASE-TDK JV start operations
ASE Embedded Electronics, a joint venture between Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and TDK, has started operations.