Taiwan-based tech firms targeted by Chinese hackers, says Google

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

A Google cyber security expert warned that Taiwan saw increased cyberattacks from China over the past months, with technology companies among the targets.

According to Bloomberg, Kate Morgan, a senior engineering manager in Google's threat analysis division overseeing government-sponsored hacking campaigns, noted a substantial surge in Chinese cyberattacks targeting Taiwan over the past six months, with Chinese hackers infiltrating small home and office internet routers to launch attacks while hiding their actual locations.

Morgan highlighted the extensive presence of Chinese hacker groups attempting to breach technology firms and access cloud-based clientele. She approximated that the number likely exceeds 100 distinct groups monitored solely within China. These hackers target various sectors in Taiwan, including defense, government, and private companies.

In late June, TSMC revealed its awareness of a cybersecurity incident involving Kinmax, one of its IT hardware suppliers, resulting in the disclosure of server setup and configuration information.

As per Check Point's analysis published in early November, Taiwan experienced an average of 1,509 cyberattacks weekly throughout the initial three quarters of 2023, becoming the most targeted place in the world.

When arguing for strengthening Taiwan's cybersecurity to help, Jacky Rosen, the Democratic Senator, told Fox News in early 2023 that Taiwan has been used as a testing ground for China's cyberattacks, later used against the US.