Primax announced reference design partnership with Qualcomm in IoT gateway platform

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Following Qualcomm's Embedded World 2023 announcement of new IoT processors designed to support four major operating systems, Primax is announcing a reference design partnership for a QCS6490 based IoT gateway platform specifically designed for Fleet and Industrial IoT applications. High compute capabilities and a strong feature set make the QCS6490 a versatile solution for next generation edge processing devices such as cameras, gateways, industrial automation equipment (IPC, PLC), autonomous mobile robotics, and more.

The Primax developed QCS6490 reference platform will support multiple wireless interfaces including Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5.2, Thread, and LoRa, and allow for integrating up to eight cameras, connected via AHD, PoE, USB(UVC), or Wi-Fi. The platform is capable of supporting multiple wired or wireless sensors and will offer integration with the vehicle's on-board diagnostics system, and 5G or LTE network connectivity. Primax's own design not only encompasses dual-mic echo cancellation and noise suppression, ELD compliance, but also precision camera image via spectra DSP pipeline tuning.

"As a global leader in edge computing and vision technologies, Primax Electronics is committed to serving our clients with the most advanced technologies for machine vision and Industrial IoT applications. We are proud to continue our close collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies to help widen support for the management of physical assets and further enable our clients to bring cutting-edge products to market. Our QCS6490 reference design will not only accelerate product time to market, but also empower developers to drive innovations in AI and edge computing." said Jason Hsu, Vice President of Primax Connected Mobility Business Unit.

"Qualcomm Technologies is proud to power the Primax reference platform and to advance Industrial IoT application use," stated Dev Singh, vice president, business development, and head of building, enterprise and industrial automation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "Collaborations between Qualcomm Technologies and Primax Electronics continue to accelerate the future of fleet management with state-of-the-art technology behind it."

Founded in 1984, Primax is a global leader in Vision, Audio, and Human Machine Interface technologies. Headquartered in Taipei with operations across Asia, North America, and Europe, Primax clients include some of the world's most respected consumer, industrial, and automotive brands.

Credit: Primax

Credit: Primax