Highlights of the day: TSMC 5nm capacity fully occupied


TSMC is on track to reaping impressive gains in 2020, as signficant orders from Apple will make sure the foundry house's 5nm process capacity will be fully occupied through the end of the year. And for its 7nm process, yield rates have been stable. Supply chain sources in Taiwan have questioned claims that unsatisfactory 7nm chip yield rates at the foundry house prompted Sony to cut its PS5 shipment goal. Backend houses have also confirmed that their processing of PS5 SoCs has been proceeding without any issues.

Apple orders to fill up TSMC 5nm process capacity: TSMC's 5nm process capacity will be fully utilized through the end of 2020, thanks particularly to strong orders for Apple's new iPad Air and upcoming iPhones, as well as the Mac, according to industry sources.

PS5 chip production issue unlikely, say semiconductor sources: Claims about TSMC having yield rates issues with its 7nm process manufacturing AMD chips for Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) games console are highly questionable, according to sources from Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain.

Backend houses register normal progress in processing PS5 SoCs: Backend houses have seen smooth progress in packaging customized SoCs for Sony's PS5 and yield rates at the foundry partner are also steady, with shipment goal set by the vendor for the next-genration games console likely remaining unchanged, according to Taiwan's backend supply chain sources.