Bincentive offers decentralized assets management solutions

Sammi Huang, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan blockchain startup Bincentive is striving to provide investors with decentralized assets management solutions and serve as an incentivized matchmaking platform for vetted crypto traders and investors, according to company CEO CM Cho.

Cho said that the encrypted virtual assets management market continues to see booming development amid the global economic uncertainties arising from the US-China trade war.

He said many international financial institutions and tech giants have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. JP Morgan, for instance, has issued blockchain-based JPM Coin to facilitate instantaneous transfer of payments between institutional clients, and Fidelity Investments has also launched crypto custody service. In early June, Apple released its CryptoKit to bolster blockchain on iPhones; Microsoft and AT&T have both announced accepting online bill payments in cryptocurrency; and Facebook has recently unveiled Libra cryptocurrency to bring financial services and online commerce to over one billion unbanked people.

In line with the market boom, Cho said, Bincentive is leveraging its blockchain-based smart contract technology to create a strategic matchmaking platform for quantitative cryptocurrency transactions, and provide investors with decentralized assets management solutions to help them optimize assets allocation and wealth management.

Based on quantitative investment and risk-hedging concepts, Cho continued, Bincentive has developed a Smart Mirror Trading Platform, aiming to create a more transparent and smarter ecosystem that gathers the world's top financial traders to provide diverse quantitative trading strategies for adoption by investors.