Micro LED development gaining momentum

Hana Hu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Commercialization of Micro LED displays have come closer to reality since Sony unveiled CLEDIS (crystal LED integrated structure) display based micro LED technology in 2016.

As the key technology of mass transfer has yet to mature, micro LED will be initially applied to smart wearable devices and large-size displays which do not require high ppi (pixel per inch) levels, Digitimes Research believes.

As "pick and place" process is difficult to be used in olume production for micro LED displays - even more so for RGB applications, researchers from Sophia University's Graduate School of Science and Technology in Japan, the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science, and US-based Ostendo Technologies, are developing monolithic process where a RGB array is formed on a micro LED wafer that can be directly used on a display.

Based on the current development, there are two directions for applying micro LED technology: one is small displays with 200-300ppi forf wearables, and the other is 55-inch and larger displays with low ppi such as 15ppi. The low resolution is unnoticable when viewed from a distance.