Monday 3 October 2022
Asian automotive CIS, MCU vendors set to raise quotes on foundry cost increases
Asia's first-tier suppliers of car-use CMOS image sensors (CIS) and microcontroller units (MCU) have shown a relatively clear attitude that they would hike quotes to fully reflect...
Friday 22 July 2022
Robust integrated GaN demand may prompt IDMs to step up outsourcing
IDMs have been promoting their integrated GaN chip solutions, and may step up outsourcing the production of such devices to satisfy growing demand, according to industry sources.
Thursday 16 June 2022
Chinese makers expand presence in MacBook, iPad supply chain
The COVID lockdowns and power shortage in China is accelerating Apple's plan to diversify its supply chains, according to industry sources.
Friday 15 April 2022
ASE capacity utilization to stay high for IDMs, HPC chip vendors
Taiwan's leading OSAT ASE Technology is expected to sustain high capacity utilization throughout 2022, bolstered by expanded outsourcing orders from automotive chip IDMs and long-term...
Friday 1 April 2022
Samsung may outsource more OLED DDI production to Taiwan
Samsung Electronics is likely to step up its outsourcing of OLED display driver ICs in 2022 and 2023, with Novatek Microelectronics and other Taiwan-based DDI suppliers being pinpointed...
Tuesday 29 March 2022
Testing houses see customers turn cautious
Dedicated testing houses including Sigurd Microelectronics and King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) have seen their customers increasingly adopt a wait-and-see attitude towards order commitments...
Monday 28 March 2022
IDMs, backend partners expanding automotive CIS capacity
International IDMs such as Onsemi and Sony are keenly expanding capacities for automotive CMOS image sensors (CIS) to meet ever-mounting demand for ADAS applications, and their backend...
Tuesday 22 March 2022
TSMC to see orders for auto chips ramp up
TSMC is expected to see orders for automotive electronics chips rise at a faster-than-expected pace, according to industry sources.
Monday 7 March 2022
OSATs slowing down wirebonding capacity expansions for 2H22
Taiwan's OSATs are slowing down their logic IC wirebonding capacity expansions as the visibility of orders for processing consumer ICs is still unclear beyond the second quarter of...
Tuesday 15 February 2022
Smart manufacturing driving growth of IT outsourcing
Serving the needs of IT and manufacturing customers will drive Wistron ITS' growth in 2022, thanks to rising demand for smart manufacturing technology and alternative-fuel vehicles,...
Friday 11 February 2022
ASE expects auto chip backend biz to hit over US$1 billion in 2022
Taiwan's leading OSAT ASE Technology expects revenues from backend services for automotive chips to break a landmark level of US$1 billion in 2022 after growing 60% on year in 2021...
Wednesday 12 January 2022
Aspeed scores record business results for 2021
Taiwan-based remote server management SoC solution provider Aspeed Technology expects to post record profits in 2021 along with its revenues for the year surging 18.7% on year to...
Thursday 30 September 2021
Taiwan OSATs grab huge orders from Renesas
OSATs including Ardentec, ASE Technology, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) and Powertech Technology (PTI) have landed significant backend orders for automotive MCUs from Japan's Renesas...
Friday 24 September 2021
IDMs step up deployments in GaN, SiC devices
IDMs including TI, Infineon, STMicroelectronics and Microchip have all stepped up their deployments in the market for power devices using GaN, SiC and other third-generation semiconductor...
Tuesday 17 August 2021
Backend houses enjoy strong influx of orders for automotive CIS
Taiwan-based backend houses, including Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC), and Xintec, have seen orders from international IDMs continue ramping up for...
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