Thursday 21 March 2024
Nvidia's Jensen Huang takes diplomatic rain check on Samsung's wafers
Huang showcased his diplomatic flair at Nvida's AI developers' conference.
Tuesday 20 February 2024
Chinese companies reportedly prefer outsourcing to Indian partners to investing amid souring bilateral relations
China-based smartphone makers are reportedly talking with Indian EMS providers for mobile phone manufacturing, as Chinese investments in the South Asian country fell significantly...
Tuesday 2 January 2024
Intel's outsourcing was a ruse from the start, says former TSMC vice chairman
In 1989, Intel initially contracted TSMC to manufacture its products. F.C. Tseng, former vice chairman of TSMC, stated at a public event in Taiwan, "I knew this was Intel's conspiracy...
Monday 25 December 2023
Taiwan DDI makers weigh China outsourcing for cost competitiveness as price reduction pressure remains
Taiwan's display driver IC (DDI) vendors, after experiencing a swift recovery in demand in 2023, face challenges associated with intensified competition from their Chinese counterparts...
Friday 15 September 2023
What has global supply chain restructuring meant for Taiwan?
After the reconfiguration of global supply chains, it will mark the beginning of Taiwan's great navigation era, and the trend of large-scale supply chain relocation has made supply...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
TSMC unveils plan for JV foundry in Dresden
TSMC has announced that it will invest alongside Robert Bosch, Infineon Technologies, and NXP Semiconductors in European Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (ESMC) in Dresden, Germany...
Friday 14 July 2023
Backend fab toolmakers see short lead-time orders from TSMC
TSMC has stepped up its pace of orders with backend equipment suppliers, as the foundry commences its chip-on-wafer-on-substrate (CoWoS) packaging capacity expansion plan, according...
Wednesday 5 July 2023
Nvidia reportedly mulls outsourcing partial AI GPU production to Samsung
Nvidia is reportedly mulling outsourcing a portion of its AI GPUs to Samsung Electronics for fabrication amid increasingly tight capacity supply from TSMC. Industry observers noted...
Tuesday 20 June 2023
Chinese IC designers may partner with South Korean foundries
In response to intensifying US-China semiconductor conflicts, the Chinese IC design industry is adopting a "multi-track wafer foundry strategy" and may seek cooperation with South...
Friday 2 June 2023
Techwinsemi to expand outsourcing in Taiwan
Chinese memory module company Techwinsemi Technology plans to enhance its outsourcing business in Taiwan, looking to expand its supplier list to include flash controller vendors and...
Tuesday 14 March 2023
IC verification labs see demand pick up for system vendors' self-developed chips
The efforts of system device vendors to develop new chips in-house have been stalled since the third quarter of 2022, but they have recently resumed their "acceleration track," according...
Tuesday 21 February 2023
China AI chip vendor Cambricon faces operating hurdles
China's major AI chip developer Cambricon Technologies, which was just blacklisted by the US in December 2022, is seeing its operation prospects further dimmed by serious losses and...
Thursday 9 February 2023
Intel caught in dilemma over IFS, outsourcing
Intel faces a dilemma between increasing its reliance on its foundry operations - Intel Foundry Services (IFS) - and expanding its chip outsourcing, according to industry sources.
Monday 31 October 2022
Win Semi expects over 10% revenue drop in 4Q22
GaAs foundry Win Semiconductors, which saw its revenue drop 26% sequentially in the third quarter of 2022, expects to post another sequential revenue decline of 11-13% in the fourth...
Monday 3 October 2022
Asian automotive CIS, MCU vendors set to raise quotes on foundry cost increases
Asia's first-tier suppliers of car-use CMOS image sensors (CIS) and microcontroller units (MCU) have shown a relatively clear attitude that they would hike quotes to fully reflect...
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