Wednesday 22 June 2022
Taiwan leadframe makers enjoy brisk orders for automotive power modules
Taiwan-based leadframe makers Jih Lin Technology and Shuen Der Industry (SDI) have seen clear order visibility through the end of 2023, buoyed by strong demand for automotive power...
Tuesday 21 June 2022
Automotive MCU supply to stay tight through 2H23
The supply of automotive MCUs is expected to stay tight through the second half of 2023, according to industry sources.
Monday 13 June 2022
TI reportedly expects analog chip shortage to ease in 2H22
Texas Instruments (TI) has notified its clients that the supply-demand imbalance for analog chips, particularly power management ICs (PMICs), will ease in the second half of the year,...
Friday 27 May 2022
NXP to strengthen R&D to support India's chip-making plans
Many global semiconductor companies have welcomed the Indian government's latest initiative to promote local semiconductor manufacturing. With its range of incentives, the plan offers...
Wednesday 25 May 2022
NXP soon to roll out new-gen 5nm automotive processor
Kurt Sievers, president and CEO of NXP Semiconductors, said during his keynote at Computex 2022 that the company is about to complete the development of its new-generation automotive...
Tuesday 17 May 2022
Actron, Eris eyeing IDM-like operations for car, industrial power devices
Taiwan-based power semiconductor suppliers including Actron Technology and Eris Technology are aggressively utilizing manufacturing and supply-chain resources from their affiliated...
Thursday 5 May 2022
Autonomous vehicles to create massive AI business opportunities
The massive new nodes created inside and outside self-driving cars will bring new business opportunities for AI solutions, and the entire creation process can be seen as a combination...
Thursday 28 April 2022
Taiwan electronics makers keen to develop mmWave radars with NXP chips
Many Taiwan electronics makers are actively making inquiries with NXP Semiconductors to explore the possibility of jointly developing mmWave radar systems as part of their efforts...
Thursday 10 March 2022
MCU, MOSFET makers gearing up for consumer GaN charger boom
With Apple reportedly designing its new 30W GaN charger with a new form factor, Taiwan-based MCU and power MOSFET suppliers are gearing up for a consumer GaN charger demand boom,...
Thursday 24 February 2022
Automotive MCU prices to rally further by 15-20% in 2Q22
Automotive MCU prices are expected to rise by another 15-20% in the second quarter of 2022 due to supply-side constraints, according to sources at related IC distributors.
Tuesday 15 February 2022
Taiwan MOSFET makers gain shifted orders for IT applications
MOSFET makers in Taiwan have seen a ramp-up in shifted orders, particularly for SGT (split-gate-trench) MOSFETs for IT applications, as delivery times at their bigger international...
Wednesday 5 January 2022
NXP to focus on imaging radar of self-driving vehicles
NXP's 4D imaging millimeter wave radar (mmWave Radar) is gaining popularity and is being adopted by major automotive makers around the world. On the other hand, Lidar with claimed...
Wednesday 5 January 2022
Low-power chips to bridge metaverse gap, says NXP Greater China chairman
There has been a large gap between imagination and realization when it comes to the metaverse, according to Ting Wei Li, chairman of NXP Greater China. However, nowadays, Li says...
Friday 17 December 2021
NXP and FII announce strategic partnership to accelerate automotive innovation
NXP Semiconductors has announced a strategic partnership with Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII) to work on transforming a car into an edge device. NXP will provide FII with its comprehensive...
Tuesday 7 December 2021
Taiwan semiconductor players brace for GaN RF demand boom
With GaN-on-SiC RF components set to gain ground in 5G, satellite communications and national defense applications, Taiwan-based III-V semiconductor players including foundries Win...
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