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Monday 8 August 2022
PC chipmakers Intel, AMD, Nvidia lower shipment goals amid sluggish demand
Major PC core chips suppliers Intel, AMD and Nvidia have all revised downward their 2022 shipment or revenue projections along with brand device vendors successively lowering their...
Friday 5 August 2022
Inventec, Quanta to embrace sales growth in 2H22
ODMs Inventec and Quanta are expected to post sales increases in the second half of 2022 despite market observers' anticipation of a particularly weak second half of the year for...
Wednesday 3 August 2022
Notebook shipments may slip below 200 million units in 2022
Global notebook shipments will likely slip below 200 million units in 2022, due to a particularly weak second half of the year, according to sources at brand companies.
Thursday 21 July 2022
Digital transformation in industries continues, says HPE
In spite of global supply chain constraints, demand remains strong for digital transformation across industries, including semiconductor, optical electronics and other high-tech segments...
Wednesday 20 July 2022
Chromebook processor shipments to fall by 20 million units in 2022
Chromebook processor shipments are poised to fall by 20 million units on year in 2022, according to sources in the notebook industry.
Tuesday 19 July 2022
Intel price increases may push PC vendors into early purchases
Intel reportedly plans to raise its processor prices which may push brand PC vendors into making purchases in advance, according to industry sources.
Friday 10 June 2022
Acer warns of notebook oversupply
The global supply of notebook computers has already outpaced demand, according to Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen. Whether the situation will worsen in the second half of 2022 is...
Wednesday 25 May 2022
HP appointment of new supply chain head likely to bring changes
HP's appointment of Ernest Nicolas as its new chief supply chain officer is likely to significantly impact the related ecosystems, particularly notebook ODMs in Taiwan, according...
Monday 16 May 2022
Qaunta, Inventec positive about 2H22 notebook shipments
Taiwan's notebook ODMs Quanta Computer and Inventec both have released positive outlook for their shipment performance in the second half of the year, though some market observers...
Wednesday 4 May 2022
Taiwan notebooks - 1Q 2022


Tuesday 19 April 2022
Indian startup Calligo leverages POSIT with RISC-V for high-performance computing
A significant advantage that India has in the semiconductor sector is the presence of several fast-growing fabless chip design startups. Either homegrown or with overseas investment,...
Thursday 14 April 2022
MacBook delivery to Apple slowing down amid COVID restrictions
Lockdown extensions in Kunshan and Shanghai, China are expected to impact Apple's MacBook shipments in the second quarter as delivery from its notebook ODM to the US-based vendor...
Wednesday 23 March 2022
New Nvidia GPU fabbed by TSMC with 4nm process
Nvidia has announced its next-generation accelerated computing platform with Hopper architecture, dubbed H100 GPU, which is built using TSMC's 4nm (N4) process customized for the...
Tuesday 15 March 2022
Wi-Fi 6/6E on track to go mainstream in 2022
Wi-Fi 6/6E will officially go mainstream in 2022 and is set to penetrate across all application segments, which will benefit all the related IC supply chain players including core...
Wednesday 2 March 2022
HP expands made-in-India PC products
HP announced an expansion of its portfolio of made-in-India products, which would help HP strengthen its market share when the Indian government is encouraging locally made electronics...
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