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Thursday 30 March 2023
Lelon, Liton put growing focus on automotive
Taiwan-based aluminum electrolytic capacitor maker Lelon Electronics and related materials supplier Liton Technology have both put a growing focus on automotive electronics, with...
Tuesday 25 January 2022
Aluminum capacitor makers to see strong 1Q22
Taiwan-based aluminum electrolytic capacitors makers (including Apaq Technology, Lelon Electronics, and Taiwan Chinsan Electronic) are poised to enjoy a particularly strong first...
Thursday 23 September 2021
COVID disrupts aluminum capacitor supply in SE Asia
On top of the global shortage of semiconductors, passive components are also seeing undersupply as COVID looms large in Southeast Asia, where suppliers are forced to manufacture at...
Friday 6 August 2021
Aluminum foil production costs rising on strict emissions rules in China
Aluminum foil plants in China will face mounting production costs and increasing difficulty in capacity expansions as the country is enforcing strict carbon emission regulations,...
Wednesday 9 June 2021
Aluminum capacitor demand to stay robust
Aluminum electrolyte capacitor demand will stay robust for applications ranging from notebooks, game consoles, servers to automotive electronics, and will continue to outpace supply...
Thursday 3 June 2021
Passive component vendors may see production in Malaysia disrupted
Malaysia is where a number of Japan- and Taiwan-based passive component vendors operate their regional factory sites, and their production may be disrupted by an ongoing two-week...
Thursday 27 May 2021
Fast charger demand driving up aluminum capacitor, MLCC sales
China's market for white-box charging devices has grown rapidly since the fourth quarter of 2020, not only bringing abundant orders for Taiwan designers of fast-charging chips but...
Tuesday 27 April 2021
Aluminum capacitor supply to stay tight throughout 1H21
The supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is expected to remain tight throughout the first half of 2021, thanks to strong demand for server, power supply, automotive electronics,...
Monday 29 March 2021
Aluminum capacitor makers raise quotes to reflect cost increases
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors makers in Taiwan and abroad have moved to raise their quotes to reflect increased costs for upstream materials such aluminum foil, aluminum shell...
Friday 26 March 2021
Facing 5G and automotive electronics markets, Lelon is cautiously optimistic about sales this year
Lelon Electronics, the number one aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan, released its financial report of year 2020. Company sales rises 11.1% to NT$7.82 billion...
Tuesday 23 February 2021
Lead times for aluminum capacitors extended on 15-20% supply shortages
The supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has fallen short of demand by 15-20% since second-half 2020, resulting in extensions in delivery lead times at suppliers in Japan, Taiwan...
Friday 29 January 2021
Capacitor makers in Taiwan, China ramping up shipments
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor suppliers in Taiwan and China are significantly ramping up their shipments to meet strong demand for 5G base station, automotive and work-from-home...
Friday 29 January 2021
Capacitor maker Lelon enjoys clear order visibility through 2H21
Taiwan's aluminum capacitor maker Lelon Electronics has seen clear order visibility through second-half 2021 thanks to strong demand for diverse applications at clients in China,...
Wednesday 4 November 2020
Lelon Electronics accelerates development in telecom, automotive and medical fields in wake of pandemic
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a popular passive component with unique strengths of high capacitance value and cost advantage. Lelon Electronics is one of the major suppliers...
Thursday 3 September 2020
Taiwan Chinsan swings to profit in 2Q20
Aluminum capacitor specialist Taiwan Chinsan Electronic Industrial returned to profitability in the second quarter of 2020 from losses in the prior quarter, thanks to a rise in its...
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