Fast charger demand driving up aluminum capacitor, MLCC sales

Jane Wang, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

China's market for white-box charging devices has grown rapidly since the fourth quarter of 2020, not only bringing abundant orders for Taiwan designers of fast-charging chips but also adding significant growth momentum to vendors of other related components such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors and medium-size MLCCs, according to industry sources.

Apple and most Android handset vendors have skipped charging adaptors as an attached accessory for their smartphones, driving up demand for white-box charging devices, the sources said, adding automotive and 5G base station applications in China are also contributing to the growth.

Taiwan's dedicated aluminum capacitor makers including Lelon Electronics, Apaq Technology, Chinsan Electronic, and Kaimei Electronics are poised to benefit significantly from ever-growing demand for fast charging devices that are expected to become indispensable support for new handsets in 2022, the sources continued.

Medium-size MLCC suppliers including Prosperity Dielectrics and Holy Stone Enterprise are also ready to embrace robust business opportunities for MLCC with 4520 safety spec needed to support redesigned circuits in line with the trend of handsets and other consumer devices going slimmer, the sources noted.