Tuesday 8 November 2022
Automotive chip migrating to advanced process nodes only increases dependency on mature nodes
Foundries are expected to have more capacities to serve automotive chip clients as their capacity utilization rates for consumer electronics chips are declining amid sluggish end-market...
Tuesday 8 November 2022
40nm likely to become mainstream process for car chips in 5 years
Automotive chips are on track for manufacturing process upgrades, with 40nm technology likely to replace 90nm as the mainstream process node in five years, according to industry so...
Tuesday 25 October 2022
Automotive chips migrating to more-advanced process nodes
With mature-process automotive chips still in short supply, some automakers worldwide are moving to have their chips fabricated with advanced process nodes, especially for new car...
Thursday 5 May 2022
Silicon Labs working closely with Taiwan foundries, OSATs
Silicon Labs, a US-based wireless SoC and MCU provider, continues to work closely with its Taiwan-based foundry and OSAT partners to improve its delivery lead times, according to...
Tuesday 11 January 2022
Taiwan fabless chipmakers see limited impact from power outage at Hua Hong fabs
A recent power outage at Hua Hong Semiconductor's wafer fabs located at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai has so far had a limited impact on Taiwan-based fabless chipmakers' deliveries,...
Thursday 18 November 2021
Taiwan Mask poised to raise prices in 2022
Photomask supplier Taiwan Mask, which already raised its prices by 10-30% in the first half of 2021, plans to initiate another price hike next year to reflect its tight supply, according...
Tuesday 27 July 2021
Intel unveils technology roadmap to power products through 2025 and beyond
Intel has revealed the roadmap of its process and packaging innovations that will power the next wave of products through 2025 and beyond.
Wednesday 7 July 2021
China foundry completes fundraising for capacity expansion
China-based CanSemi Technology has raised funds to carry out its upcoming capacity expansion project, in which the specialty IC foundry will add an additional 20,000 12-inch wafers...
Wednesday 19 August 2020
Huawei reportedly looking to build 45nm chip fabrication lines without US tech
China's Huawei reportedly is looking to build its own 45nm chip fabrication lines without US technology this year, which industry sources believe is "mission impossible."
Monday 22 June 2020
GF, SkyWater sign MOU for technology development
Globalfoundries, a longtime supplier of microelectronics to the US Department of Defense (DoD), and SkyWater Technology have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to manufacture...
Thursday 12 December 2019
UMC enters supply chain for Sony CIS
United Microelectronics (UMC), through its takeover of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor (MIFS), has entered the supply chain for Sony's CMOS image sensors, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 21 March 2018
Samsung enhances 8-inch foundry offerings
Samsung Electronics has announced more value added 8-inch (200mm) technology solutions for its foundry customers. On top of its existing embedded flash memory (eFlash), power, display...
Wednesday 2 August 2017
Shanghai Huahong to build 12-inch fab in Wuxi
Shanghai Huahong Group on August 2 struck a deal with the national China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund and the city government of Wuxi to set up a new 12-inch wafer...
Wednesday 28 June 2017
Powerchip opens JV fab in China
Powerchip Technology has completed the construction of its 12-inch fab in Hefei, China and started to run the fab, according to the Taiwan-based foundry chipmaker. The fab...
Friday 13 November 2015
Taiwan 12-inch foundries offer discounts to attract orders
Taiwan-based IC foundries are encouraging their LCD driver IC and fingerprint sensor clients to accelerate their transition to 12-inch wafers by narrowing the cost gap between 12-inch...
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