Friday 25 March 2022
Advanced packaging technology outlook, 2020-2026
Hybrid bonding and other new advanced assembly techniques widely used for smartphone application processors (AP) and high-performance computing (HPC) chips will continue to expand advanced packaging technologies.
Thursday 17 February 2022
Taiwan supply chain of SiC semiconductor, 2021
Silicon (Si) semiconductor with widespread use is close to reaching the physical limits of Moore's Law and is thus being replaced by wide bandgap semiconductors of third-generation semiconductors in a growing number of applications.
Wednesday 9 February 2022
China smartphone AP shipments - 4Q 2021
Fourth-quarter 2021 smartphone AP shipments to China-based vendors amounted to 171.2 million units, plunging 30.8% from the prior quarter mainly as China-based vendors faced the situation where some components were in worse shortage than the others, on top of weak 5G phone demand and a mismatch between AP supply and demand.
Monday 10 January 2022
Global wafer foundry industry analysis and forecast, 2022
Digitimes Research believes 2021 were a fruitful year for the global foundry industry thanks to strong order momentum and is optimistic about its outlook going into 2022.
Monday 8 November 2021
China smartphone AP shipments - 3Q 2021
Third-quarter 2021 smartphone application processor (AP) shipments to China-based vendors amounted to 258 million units.
Tuesday 7 September 2021
Unisoc smartphone AP business - 2H21
Unisoc has become an alternative source of smartphone AP supply for Chinese smartphone brands.
Friday 20 August 2021
Taiwan wafer foundry industry - 3Q21
Thanks to ongoing strong chip demand, the top-3 Taiwan-based foundries - TSMC, UMC and VIS - performed outstandingly in second-quarter 2021 and will see revenue climb further in the third quarter.
Wednesday 18 August 2021
China smartphone AP shipments – 2Q 2021
Second-quarter 2021 smartphone application processor (AP) shipments to China-based vendors amounted to 218 million units, up 3% quarter-over-quarter.
Friday 13 August 2021
Samsung foundry business overview
TSMC is currently in the lead in terms of process technology but Samsung Electronics has been gearing up on its related R&D, eyeing to catch up.
Thursday 22 July 2021
China semiconductor backend services industry - 2021
As the supply chain aggressively ramped up chip inventory in second-half 2020, IC assembly and test capacity utilization showed a major increase.
Tuesday 6 July 2021
TSMC overview
While there may be different views on the validity of Moore's Law, TSMC is confident that it can uphold Moore's Law as it makes smooth progress in advanced process technologies.
Thursday 17 June 2021
China wafer foundry industry - 2021
China's top-3 wafer foundries enjoyed an over 20% on-year growth in their combined revenues in 2020 and the amount is expected to increase further in 2021.