NTU sells out English-taught semiconductor bachelor program seats to be launched in September

Bryan Chuang, Taipei; Judy Lin, DIGITIMES Asia 0


According to the information released by National Taiwan University (NTU), a bachelor's degree program in semiconductor engineering lectured in English will be launched in the September semester of 2024. Though the tuition is estimated at NT$250,000 (US$7,918) per semester, or nearly US$16,000 a year, the 25 student seats in the program are already snapped up by the end of February.

Taiwan is trying to attract foreign students to the local higher education system to address the talent shortage problem. The government is deliberating a shift towards a more friendly policy for foreign students and immigration.

The NTU all-English semiconductor B.E. program requires the students to finish 128 credits to qualify for graduation, provided that a basic level of Chinese language proficiency is validated by CEFR and TOCFL institutions. Since most foreign engineering students choose to work in Taiwan after graduation, having local language proficiency capability will come in handy. Although its tuition is 10 times that of local students, it is so popular that the openings are fully seized soon after the application.

A typical semiconductor fab would require at least five function roles including R&D engineers, process engineers, quality and reliability assurance engineers, equipment engineers, and sales specialists to keep the operation running. The National Development Council (NDC) estimated that an average of 1,000 job vacancies would be looking for new hires every year in Taiwan.