Winbond, PTI team up for 2.5/3D packaging

Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

Winbond Electronics, a Taiwan-based memory chipmaker, has signed a letter of intent to collaborate with OSAT Powertech Technology (PTI) to jointly develop 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging, according to the companies.

High-frequency, high-bandwidth, and high-speed solutions are in greater demand due to the quick development of AI technology, which in turn raises the requirement for advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration technologies. As a pioneer in the memory sector, Winbond will collaborate with PTI, the industry's leading packaging and testing house, to push this technological revolution and provide heterogeneous integration packaging technology.

PTI will provide 2.5D and 3D packaging services in accordance with the agreement, whereas Winbond will deliver DRAM and a customized silicon interposer featuring its customized ultra-bandwidth elements (CUBE) architecture, in addition to incorporating decoupling capacitors concurrently.

The objective of this strategic partnership is to assist in satisfying customer expectations in light of the market's robust demand for advanced packaging, the companies said.

The integration of PTI's 2.5D and 3D heterogeneous integration packaging with Winbond's silicon interposer technology will enable the two companies to deliver edge AI solutions that are highly efficient. Winbond's CUBE architecture accommodates heterogeneous hybrid bonding technology, enabling customers to address the expanding memory requirements of edge AI computing devices, according to the companies.