Huawei to launch 'disruptive' products in 2024

Chia-Han Lee, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: Huawei

Yu Chengdong, Huawei's executive director and chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, announced at the recent Pollen Annual Conference 2023 that the company plans to launch highly innovative, groundbreaking products in 2024. These products will include HarmonyOS-native applications.

According to a report from China's Securities Times, Yu stated at the conference that Huawei aims to rewrite the history of the entire industry in 2024. The company aspires to continue innovating and doing things that others haven't thought of or dared to do, surpassing everyone's expectations.

South China Morning Post reported that Huawei's unexpected release of the flagship Mate 60 Pro at the end of August, featuring an advanced processor chipset developed and manufactured independently in China, raised significant concerns in the market. This was particularly notable amid the United States government's ongoing expansion of semiconductor export control measures against China.

Since 2019, the United States has implemented a series of restrictive measures against Huawei, limiting its innovation and development in the technology sector. These measures include prohibiting US companies from selling technology and products to Huawei, preventing Huawei from developing and producing US-related technology, software, and equipment both inside and outside the US, and restricting the use of US technology and products, including chips, operating systems, and applications.

These measures have had a significant impact on Huawei, particularly in its terminal device business, which was severely affected by disruptions in the supply chain. Huawei's products and services faced restrictions, hindering the overall development of the company.

With the revelation of the self-developed Kirin 9000S chipset, produced by China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), in the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, the US government expressed heightened concern. Congressional members questioned whether there were loopholes in previous control measures and initiated investigations to consider further escalating sanctions.

Yu Chengdong's latest speech is likely to trigger sensitivities in the United States once again, possibly accelerating the adoption of countermeasures and potentially hindering the launch of Huawei's new products or services, including the continuously improving HarmonyOS.

Previously, Yu mentioned that Huawei is collaborating with partners to advance the HarmonyOS ecosystem in the Internet of Everything (IoE) era. Many mainstream Chinese applications have already started developing native applications for HarmonyOS. There are also reports suggesting that HarmonyOS will soon be available on the PC platform, with related products expected to be launched as early as 2024.