Huawei has reportedly increased Mate 60 Pro output to 15 million units

Amanda Liang; Judy Lin, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: AFP

Huawei's Mate 60 series of smartphones have hit the shelves of all e-commerce channels as well as Huawei's official website and stores in China on September 3. Orders from Huawei for producing Mate 60 Pro have reportedly reached 15–17 million units, and adding the other Mate 60 series of products, the volume can reach up to 20 million, according to sources. But Huawei did not comment on this.

Market research company Counterpoint estimated that the sales of Mate 60 Pro will reach at least 7 million if the supply chains manage to keep up with demand.

Industry insiders said Huawei has told all sales channels that there are enough supplies and no price hikes are allowed. Huawei's retail stores across the country were originally planning to start selling Mate 60 Pro on September 10. This also reflects the popularity of the product among consumers.

Since Huawei 5G smartphones can only operate on HarmonyOS, its market is limited in China. Therefore, it will face the acid test first, competing with Xiaomi and Honor for market shares.

Honor CEO Zhao Ming said at IFA 2023 in Germany that he is happy for Huawei's comeback, which brings more possibilities for competition in the smartphone market. He stressed that Europe will become the second largest market for Honor.

Facing intensified competition due to Huawei's return to the 5G smartphone market, Xiaomi and Honor will have to make extra efforts in developing the European and Indian markets.