Handset EMS providers eye opportunities from India MII initiative, says DIGITIMES

Yen Chou, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


Witnessing the ongoing tech war between the US and China, a slew of electronics brands have flocked to India to establish production bases, driven by the local government's Make in India (MII) initiative, which was launched in 2014 to encourage investments in the market, according to DIGITIMES Research's new study over India's handset manufacturing industry.

Those already operating factories in India are scaling up their investments, including handset makers and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers.

Aside from handset brands that have set up factories in India, EMS providers are also making active efforts toward their developments in India. Both global and local EMS providers are keenly expanding their capacities. In terms of the brands and products they manufacture, Taiwan-, China-, US- and India-based EMS providers have varying manufacturing capabilities and make different product models, the study shows.

DIGITIMES Research is closely monitoring Taiwan-, China-, US- and India-based EMS providers to discover handset models they produce for brand clients and is providing analyses on the differences of each player and observations on handset brands' manufacturing strategies in India.