Tatung Forever Energy starts operation of 6MW storage system for E-dReg ancillary services

Allen Hsieh, Taoyuan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0


Tatung Forever Energy has started operation of an AFC (automatic frequency control) energy storage system with installation capacity of 6MW in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan for use in E-dReg (enhanced dynamic regulation reserve) ancillary services provided by the state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), according to company chairman Wu Cheng-long.

E-dReg ancillary services detect frequency of lower grids and adjust the frequency as well as transfer electricity from storage systems to power grids during peak power load, Wu said.

As Taiwan aims to attain net zero carbon emission in 2050, it is necessary to reach cumulative total installation capacity of over 40GW for PV power-generating facilities and offshore wind turbines in 2030, and energy storage systems used to stabilize power supply see strong demand, Wu noted.

Tatung Forever began to develop energy storage technology in 2018 and set up a 4MW AFC energy storage system used in dReg ancillary services in 2021, Wu said. The company has so far set up energy storage systems totaling 11MW and the total installation capacity is expected to increase to 100MW by the end of 2023.