TV panel prices stop falling

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0

LCD TV panel prices have stopped falling after sliding below suppliers' cash-cost levels, according to industry sources. Additionally, aggressive production cuts by panel makers also have helped bring a stop to falling prices.

According to Pan Tai-chi, general manager of the TV Business Center of Innolux, TV panel inventories at most TV vendors and channel operators have bottomed out, and correspondent TV panel prices have risen since the second half of October.

Sales dynamics for TVs and monitors with high CP (cost-performance) ratios have started gaining momentum recently as current panel prices have made high CP display products more affordable, Pan said.

The price upswing is likely to continue into November, but it remains to be seen whether the upward trend will last into December.

It was the supply side that drove the recent price hikes instead of being pushed up by increasing demand, Pan noted, noting that the price increases will sustain for a more extended period only when demand is solid enough to soak up the output.

It is worth observing whether the sales of consumer electronics products during the forthcoming year-end shopping season in China, the US and Europe are robust enough to stir up panel demand in the first quarter of 2023, Pan commented.