LCD monitor panel shipments down in August, says Discien

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0


Global LCD monitor panel shipments reached 10.8 million units in August, decreasing 8% sequentially and 28% on year, according to Discien Consulting.

China-based BOE Technology was the top LCD monitor panel makers shipping 2.8 million units in August, but its shipments slipped 22% sequentially and 38% on year. Of BOE's shipments, 1.5 million panels were in the 23.8-inch mainstream size segment. To cope with weak demand, BOE has cut monitor panel productions.

LG Display ranked second shipping 2.4 million monitor panels in August, rising 15% sequentially but dropping 22% on year. The on-month growth was mainly due to increased shipments to Dell and HP, Discien said.

China-based HKC shipped 1.4 million monitor panels, rising 4% sequentially and 46% on year to go third in rankings.

Taiwan-based AU Optronics (AUO) was 4th shipping nearly 1.4 million panels, risng 8% sequentially but dipping 44% on year. As demand from Taiwan-based vendors, Dell and HP remains weak, AUO's shipments of monitor panels are unlikely to rebound for the time being.

China-based CSOT and Taiwan-based Innolux were 5th and 6th respectively, the former shipping 1.3 million panels declining 25% sequentially and 15% on year, and the latter shipping 1.2 million panels dropping 16% sequentially and 33% on year.

As global demand for IT products remains weak and IT vendors keep digesting inventories, third-quarter 2022 global shipments of monitor panels are estimated to drop nearly 30% sequentially and those of notebook panels to decline 10-15% on quarter.