BenQ-Qisda group stepping up deployment in healthcare sector

Rebecca Kuo, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


The BenQ-Qisda group has stepped up its deployment in the healthcare sector, where growth will help it sidestep the headwinds facing the display industry in the second half of this year.

BenQ Medical Technology, a medical materials and equipment arm of Qisda, will expand its operation scope by venturing into the retail pharmacy business by teaming up with Taiwan-based retail pharmacy chain store CK-Care.

Under the cooperation project, BenQ Medical and CK-Care will jointly build a second-generation OMO (online merge offline) smart drugstore in Wuri, central Taiwan. BenQ Healthcare, a subsidiary of BenQ Medical, will participate in the project on behalf of the parent company.

According to SL Shen, president of BenQ Healthcare, the OMO drugstore will provide customers with integrated virtual and physical healthcare services, including cross-store pickups, VR video consultations, and e-commerce services.

Additionally, Shen added that a hearing aid store will be built within the OMO drugstore with professional audiologists providing free testing and consulting for the purchase and after-sales services.

As Taiwan's population is aging, with demand for healthcare and medical care rising, such smart OMO stores will play an important role in providing healthcare services, Shen said.

The BenQ Healthcare-CK-Care team also plans to expand its services in Taiwan by tying up with community pharmacies in other locations.

Meanwhile, Peter Chen, chairman of Qisda, expects the company's medical business to continue growing at a robust pace in the third quarter of 2022, buoyed by increasing demand for pandemic-preventing products, including quick screening devices, alcohol products, and masks.

Chen added that Qisda's hemodialysis products have obtained sales licenses in China and Southeast Asia, boosting shipment momentum for the product.