Wednesday 22 November 2023
Qisda’s China+1 strategy: three reasons for choosing northern Vietnam
The continuing China+1 trend has seen an industrial cluster take shape in north Vietnam, with manufacturers including Hon Hai (Foxconn), Quanta, Pegatron, Wistron, and Qisda setting...
Friday 17 November 2023
BenQ Medical to see Southeast Asian market drive 2024 growth
BenQ Medical Technology (BenQ Medical,) a subsidiary of Qisda, has seen an increase in overall revenue following its acquisition of K2 International Medical (K2.) The firm's vice...
Monday 23 October 2023
Qisda chairman: Taiwan needs startup platforms
In recent years, Qisda has been promoting its large fleet platforms. Among them, the rapid growth of the healthcare sector made it one of the main contributors to the group's substantial...
Tuesday 8 August 2023
Qisda regrouping for 2H23's quarter by quarter economic recovery
Chairman of Qisda Technology, Peter Chen, announced that despite a less-than-expected economic outlook in this year, the company's operations have grown quarter by quarter. In Q2...
Friday 2 June 2023
Qisda may see AIoT business grow by high double digit on AI whirlwind
Taiwan-based electronics ODM Qisda, with businesses spanning across IT, medical solutions, smart solutions, and network communications, expects its shipments of AIoT systems to grow...
Tuesday 30 May 2023
Qisda expects profit boost from high value-added biz
Qisda has stepped up efforts to expand its high value-added businesses as part of its grand fleet strategy, which will account for over half of its total profits, according to the...
Tuesday 30 May 2023
K. Y. Lee leaves Qisda board of directors
K. Y. Lee, who founded the BenQ group, has now left the board of directors at major group company Qisda, about a year after departing from AU Optronics (AUO), another major group...
Tuesday 23 May 2023
Taiwan PC monitor shipments plunge further in 1Q23 but improve from before, says DIGITIMES Research
Taiwan's PC monitor shipments, as in the previous quarter, continued to slump around 26% from a year ago to below 17 million units in the first quarter of 2023. However, the sequential...
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Qisda steps up medical care deployment
EMS provider Qisda has stepped up its deployment in the medical care sector as it moves to ramp up the sales proportion of high-value-added businesses.
Tuesday 14 March 2023
Qisda to send more orders to Vietnam plant
EMS provider Qisda will allocate up to 50% of customer orders to its Vietnam plant, while orders fulfilled by its China and Taiwan-based plants will drop to 50% of total orders, according...
Thursday 9 March 2023
Qisda expects sales to hit bottom in 1Q23
Qisda, an EMS provider, believes sales will increase quarter by quarter after bottoming out in the first quarter of this year.
Wednesday 8 March 2023
Qisda sees high value-added biz generate more revenue
EMS provider Qisda has revealed that sales of its high value-added businesses covering AIoT, healthcare, and network solutions apart from ICT products exceeded NT$100 billion (US$3.3...
Thursday 2 March 2023
Alpha Networks, Hitron see clear order visibility for 1H23
Order visibility for network device makers Alpha Networks and Hitron Technologies is clear for the first half of 2023. Whether order pull-in momentum will continue into the second...
Friday 10 February 2023
Lite-On Technology January revenues hit 23-month low
EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$10.679 billion (US$356 million) for January, the lowest monthly level since March 2021 and decreasing 20.04%...
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Panel makers keep cleaning inventories
Display panel makers had a hard time in 2022, and will continue to clean inventories amid weak demand, according to industry sources.