BehrTech makes IoT more flexible and reliable by building optimized LPWAN


Optimal network coverage is a key indicator of the effectiveness of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In the past, the high power consumption and design cost of network architectures limited the generalization of IoT applications, but in recent times, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) have effectively resolved this bottleneck. The MYTHINGS platform provided by Canadian company BehrTech can further strengthen the interference immunity and scalability of LPWAN, and assist system vendors to build high-quality IoT architectures.

Looking at the development of the IoT market, BehrTech pointed out that network stability is still a pain point for most system vendors. The reason behind these recurring problems is the unconducive environment where the devices are installed - some of the devices are situated in areas where the networking cables cannot be set up or are too remote, eventually resulting in data silos for the IoT architecture. Although the emergence of LPWAN has resolved this issue, the existing solutions still have problems such as susceptibility to interference, poor scalability, and limited support for mobile devices. BehrTech's MYTHINGS is designed so that these problems are no longer stumbling blocks for the development of IoT.

BehrTech's MYTHINGS is a disruptive wireless IoT connectivity software platform that combines high flexibility, scalability, and stability to enable a wide range of applications. BehrTech pointed out that, currently, the most promising protocol for LPWAN is mioty, which uses patented Telegram Splitting technology standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). MYTHINGS is the only communication platform in the market that leverages mioty.

BehrTech's MYTHINGS platform not only provides centralized management of smart sensors, modules, and base stations, but also allows users to select existing network transceivers, gateways, and application platforms through a software-based approach. In addition, system operators can also deploy their own networks through MYTHINGS Central, and administrators can use this all-in-one network management platform to quickly manage device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, and remote troubleshooting. The reserved hardware space and APIs provide a high degree of scalability for the system, so that operators can expand hardware according to their needs or quickly connect with third-party applications and public cloud platforms.

MYTHINGS' features, including high interference resilience, deep indoor penetration, remote transmission of more than 15 kilometers, and connection of up to tens of thousands of sensors, can help operators to smoothly deploy IoT systems in large areas such as oil and gas fields, mines, and factories. In terms of mobility, MYTHINGS not only has the longest LPWAN battery life in the industry, but can also support moving devices at up to 120km/hr, which can help operators to establish a high-performance management platform.

At present, MYTHINGS is already widely used in manufacturing, mining, and smart buildings. To continue enhancing the competitiveness of the product, BehrTech hopes to strengthen collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturers and build a comprehensive industry ecosystem through Taiwan's formidable OEM and ODM capabilities in preparation for upcoming IoT business opportunities.

Albert Behr, CEO of BehrTech

Albert Behr, CEO of BehrTech
Photo: Company