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Teco joins MIH

Ninelu Tu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Electric machinery and home appliance maker Teco Electric & Machinery has joined MIH Alliance in a bid to collaborate with other members to boost development of electric vehicles (EVs) in Taiwan, according to the company.

MIH is an open hardware/software-integrated platform for developing EVs operated by Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, a joint venture established by Foxconn Electronics and Yulon Motor.

Among more than 500 members of the alliance, Teco is the only one that produces modular high-power and high-voltage electric products for use in EV power systems, the company said.

Teco has been in a supply chain for electric buses in Taiwan since 2018, supplying EV-use 250kW permanent magnet motors, the company indicated, adding that it has obtained new orders with shipments to begin in second-quarter 2021.

Teco said it has cooperated with a Europe-based firm to introduce 700V motor controller.

MIH on February 1 launched EVKit, its first EV development tool.