TWS devices highlighted at CES 2021

Sean Li and Peyton Cheng, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

True wireless stereo (TWS) devices were highlighted at the recently concluded online CES 2021, as many handset brands, acoustic device suppliers and startups showcased their latest products at the event.

Most TWS devices presented at the fair emphasized their respective ANC (active noise cancellation) capabilities, improved call noise reduction functionality and power efficiency, Digitimes Research has found.

The increasing application of ANC technology has increased the number of microphones used by each monaural earphone to over three from 1-2 used previously, improving communication quality and transparency mode.

Thanks to increasing competition, prices of ANC-enabled TWS have been lowered to the US$150-segment, enabling more consumers to access ANC experiences, which in turn helps expand TWS market share.

Smartphone vendors are launching TWS devices to expand their handset ecosystem, emphasizing that their TWS products deliver a consistent experience with their handsets in terms of outer appearances, colors and designs.

Traditional acoustic device makers, including JBL and Bose, are developing TWS devices to expand their portfolios by optimizing their prowess for acoustic products with integrated functionalities such as voice assistance.

Most startups focus on target customer groups rolling out TWS products with enhanced performance, such as high water-proof and head-motion sensing capabilities.