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Asustek develops AI-based quality inspection solutions
Chloe Liao, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES

Asustek Computer's AIoT Business Group showcased AI-based solutions for product quality inspection at Taipei International Industrial Automation 2020 during August 19-22, with the solutions characterized by dynamic/static inspection and use of fewer samples to train AI models.

AOI (automated optical inspection) systems usually rely only on invariable logic judgment and frequently mistake defects for normal conditions or vice versa, said Tseng Li-fang, senior strategic product and partner development director at Asustek.

Quality inspection and preventive maintenance are the two least smart operational processes amid manufacturing, but AI can be used to reach smart manufacturing with both automation and intelligence, Tseng indicated.

Asustek's AI-based quality inspection solutions are based on responses from its 200-300 supply chain makers. Use of ears to inspect quality of cooling fans, for example, incurs high cost including training of inspectors for 3-6 months, and their services may be short, Tseng said.

To address the issue, Asustek has developed an AI-based inspection model, letting AI learn how to judge quality based on sound waves of working cooling fans, Tsing noted. The AI-based model is trained using only three 30-second sound files and can reach 100% accuracy, Tseng indicated.

In addition to sound wave, the technology can be applied to other physical properties such as electric current, voltage and vibration for quality inspection, and Asustek has used it in predictive and preventive maintenance of manufacturing equipment and key components, Tseng said.

Asustek has also developed an AI vision-based solution for inspecting defects on surfaces. While AOI entails use of hundreds to thousands of images of sample defects in training to set up inspection basis, the Asustek solution needs only 50 of such images for modeling of inspection, Tseng noted.

Beginning with pilot use by its supply chain makers, Asustek has extended application of AI-based quality inspection solutions among steel, machinery and retail industries. Asustek provides both standard and customized versions.

Tseng Li-fang, senior strategic product and partner development director for Asustek Computer

Tseng Li-fang, senior strategic product and partner development director for Asustek
Photo: Chloe Liao, Digitimes, August 2020

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