Tuesday 9 January 2024
Graphene semiconductor: the brainchild of US-China collaboration
Graphene, which was thought to be an unsuitable material for semiconductors, has made a breakthrough.
Friday 8 December 2023
Taiwanese display giants, Innolux and AUO, venture into healthcare and art tech domains
Taiwan's prominent display manufacturers, Innolux and AUO, are transforming, extending their reach beyond traditional panel manufacturing. Both companies are leveraging proprietary...
Wednesday 2 June 2021
US, France healthcare startups team up with Taiwan to drive growth in Asia
As COVID-19 continues to hamper international interactions, two startups from the US and France collaborating with BE Health in Taiwan have closed venture capital funding rounds recently...
Tuesday 1 June 2021
Thailand unicorn may appear by year-end 2021
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, investors in Thailand have turned their investment targets to enterprises in the stage of growth, resulting in a reduction in number of loans...
Monday 31 May 2021
ABR pioneers in brain-inspired AI to make devices smarter
Though neuromorphic computing is still in the early stage, it promises a new way to make AI devices smarter, smaller, and more efficient by incorporating design elements from the...
Friday 28 May 2021
Deeplite accelerates time-to-market for AI applications to run on edge devices
In today's world of computer vision AI, there is a significant challenge of running AI models on the limited compute power of edge device chipsets, as they are typically too large,...
Thursday 27 May 2021
Stathera develops true dual-output MEMS oscillator for next-gen smart devices
As the modern smart connected devices are getting smaller, thinner, and supporting more stringent protocols such as 5G, GPS, UWB, BLE, and Wi-Fi 6, they need high-performance timing...
Wednesday 26 May 2021
KA Imaging reinvents X-Ray market with dual-energy technology
X-ray imaging has existed for more than 120 years, but a Canada-based start-up, KA Imaging Inc, is trying to be a game changer for the long-established market. With the world's first...
Thursday 20 May 2021
Blockchain startup OwlTing aims at explosive growth
OwlTing, a Taiwan-based startup engaged in blockchain applications, aims to increase business by 50-100 times from the current level in 5-7 years, with new FinTech services to be...
Friday 14 May 2021
Nuclera acquires E Ink digital microfluidics unit
UK-based biotech firm Nuclera has announced it has acquired Taiwan-based E Ink Holdings (EIH)'s digital microfluidics unit to form its US subsidiary.
Thursday 13 May 2021
Small sensors, big goals: Q&A with ForceN CEO Robert Brooks and VP of engineering Albert Chen
The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 has increased the demands for robots and edge computing, and the tasks are becoming more and more complex. Force sensors are...
Tuesday 11 May 2021
Just Kitchen poised for IPO in New York
Just Kitchen Holdings, a Taiwan-based startup provider of meal/food delivery services, will undertake IPO on New York's OTC Markets in late May, according to company co-founder and...
Tuesday 4 May 2021
Beyond Limits to set up R&D center in Taiwan
US-based AI startup Beyond Limits will set up an R&D center in Taiwan in 2021, according to the company's Taiwan general manager Chang Chung-yi.
Friday 30 April 2021
VC, startup ecosystem expansions: Q&A with AppWorks founder Jamie Lin
AppWorks, the largest venture capital (VC) firm in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, manages three VC funds with a total asset of US$212 million after 10 years of efforts. Not only has the...
Thursday 29 April 2021
Canadian firm Solace to power smart manufacturing and IoT in Taiwan
Massive demand for rapid, secure, and stable transmission of data and information in the age of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 is attracting solution providers to seek...
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