Highlights of the day: PC demand to falter in 3Q20?


PC demand has been inadvertently propelled by the coronavirus pandemic, but some market observers are concerned that the PC market may start seeing a slowdown in May, followed by a sharp falls in the third quarter. But some makers in the supply chain are more optimistic, such as cooling module solution supplier Auras, which believes its shipments to the notebook segment will remain strong in third-quarter 2020. Memory backend firm Powertech is also reporting clear order visibility through the third quarter, and is expecting sales to hit a record in 2020.

PC, CE chip demand may disappoint in 3Q20: Chip demand for PCs and consumer electronics devices may disappoint in the third quarter of 2020 despite the period being a traditional peak season for the two sectors, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, according to industry sources.

Auras expects orders for notebook cooling solutions to remain strong in 3Q20: Taiwan-based Auras so far only has visibility until the end of June for it notebook cooling module orders, but the company still expects the shipment momentum to continue in the third quarter with brand clients' releases of new products, according to company chairman Steve Lin.

Backend firm PTI poised to challenge new revenue records in 2020: Memory backend specialist Powertech Technology (PTI) has seen clear order visibility through the third quarter of 2020 and may have a chance to end the year with record revenues as long as the coronavirus outbreak can stay controllable in the months ahead, according to company executives.