Winbond DRAM product series embracing the high demands of accelerated roll-out of 5G CPE modems and Image processing devices

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The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) creates the use cases from mobile devices to autonomous drones and from surveillance equipment to Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). The intelligent image processing technologies combined with artificial intelligence (AI) are fundamental challenges for today's system designers. Meeting the advanced image processing requirements of new and emerging camera devices typically require advanced and scalable micro controllers and memory chips. These strong demands are even accelerated by the coming Tokyo 2020 Olympics games including the roll-out of 8K TVs, 5G mobile phones and smart edge devices, which has gradually entered the lives of everyone.

Furthermore, the enormous market opportunity of cellular 5G base stations and IoT devices continuously boost large memory densities and increase DRAM product value. During the coming 5G hype cycle, the growth of the 5G infrastructure market in North America and China is likely to be propelled by increasing capital spending and strong investment from telecommunications operators. This will increase the demands on wireless communication modules with customized DRAM products, which will equip high-speed, low-power and the fast data-transfer rates memory, for improving user experience.

High speed and low power features maintaining competitive edge of Winbond DRAM memory

Winbond's DRAM product portfolio is consisting of Specialty DRAM and Mobile RAM. Specialty DRAM, focusing on low and middle density, features characteristics of high performance and high speed and is widely used by leaders in the consumer, communication, computer peripheral, industrial, and automobile markets. Completed solution can be provided to variety customers. Both Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM support for Industrial and automotive application with AEC-Q100, TS16949, ISO9001/14001, OHSAS18001 certificates. The latest DRAM products not only provide high-speed, it also meet the industrial standard and can remain operating under extreme environment temperature ranged from -40 degree C to 105 degree C.

Specialty DRAM

Nowadays, IoT devices are evolving towards the trend of thinner, lighter and less power consumption. In order to remain high performance, the memories used in these devices are required to have features such as high-speed, low-power consumption and downsizing. With its strong experiences and knowledge accumulated over the past few decades, Winbond designed this new product with high compatible ability and stability. It can provide strong performance in various kinds of applications. What's more critical, the most compatible memory must be defined. Winbond has very complete product lines including Specialty DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Flash memory with different densities, speed and operating voltage that can adapt to different applications. With the support of professional engineering team and a self-owned 12 inch FAB, Winbond's products are guaranteed with high quality, production capacity, and can provide all-around high competitive solutions to customers.

Mobile DRAM Memory

Mobile DRAM Memory is mainly a semiconductor solution to the consumer, computer, communications, and electronics products. Winbond developed the mobile DRAM devices with a low current value, which helps Winbond to extend Mobile DRAM memory applications beyond the mobile phone and tablet market to areas of mobile consumer electronics and mobile communication. Winbond Mobile DRAM devices support x8, x16 and x32 data widths. Major features for the families of products shown in the table below include the following: Sequential or Interleave burst, High Clock rate, Standard Self Refresh, Partial-Array Self Refresh (PASR), Automatic Temperature Compensated Self Refresh Rate(ATCSR), Deep Power-Down (DPD) and Programmable output buffer driver strength. Please refer to the datasheets for specific features. They are ideal for portable multimedia players, wearable devices, automotive applications, consumer electronics, gaming devices, and mobile devices.

Low power LPDDR4X and LPDDR4 products

Besides high speed features of the niche memory product demands, Winbond pays great attention to their customers' needs and the development trend of Ultra-Low Power technologies, and has successfully developed a new generation of Mobile DDR products LPDDR4X to fulfill the needs of the emerging applications. LPDDR4X is the first wave of Mobile DDR products that adopts Winbond's self-developed 25nm memory processing technology, which is equipped with full professional features. It includes two series: the JEDEC defined LPDDR4X (VDDQ voltage 0.6V) and LPDDR4 (VDDQ voltage 1.1V), with 2Gb and 4Gb capabilities available. As for data transmission rate, the product series covers 3200MT/s, 3733MT/s, or even reaches 4266MT/s. In addition, KGD (Known Good Die) and 200-ball BGA package are available. Winbond Electronics will push the density of LPDDR4X/ LPDDR4 products to 8Gb in the near future, and add other new features to offer customers the choice of a more complete solution.

HyperRAM products

With the rapid rise of new IoT devices will require new functionality in terms of size, power consumption, and performance. In view of this, many MCU suppliers are developing new-generation MCUs with higher performance and lower power consumption to meet the market demand. HyperRAM is a new technical solution to address this demand. As the technology has been developed for many years and has a clear market position, Winbond Electronics has decided to join the HyperRAM camp and launches 32Mb/64Mb/128Mb density products. This move will help Winbond further expand its product portfolio to respond to the diverse application needs, as well as make the ecosystem more complete through active participation. The current status of Winbond's HyperRAM product line is: 32Mb/ 64Mb are already under mass production; 128Mb is expected to enter mass production in 1Q20 respectively. Products of 24BGA (automotive grade), 49BGA and KGD are available. Among them, size of 24BGA is 6x8 mm2, while that of 49BGA is only 4x4 mm2, which targets the consumer wearable market.

KGD product offerings and expertise services

Several customers utilize Winbond's expertise in using memory products in Known Good Die (KGD) for SIP (System In Package) solutions. Winbond has been providing Flash and DRAM KGD for several years since they provide cost and space efficient alternatives to packaged products. Additionally, Winbond also provides KGD services, all technical requests from customers when applying KGD to SiP process are already take under concern in the very beginning. As a result, the new product uses the "one side edge pad" design in order to make it easier to use for the customers, and also reduced the cost.

For providing on-line shopping service to audiences in order to purchase series products in time, Winbond builds On-Line Direct Store and e-commerce platform to handle On-Line orders. Free Shipping for each On-Line order amounts reached US$ 150. If you are the first time to place orders via On-Line Direct Store, the extra 12% OFF discount will be applied to have further saving before the end of 2019. The Winbod's on-line shopping site is,

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