Experience and feeling to be core of 5G innovations, says Onda from Orange Silicon Valley

Mark Tsai, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

5G-based innovative technologies will focus on user experience and feeling, according to startup investment expert Jay Onda from Orange Silicon Valley.

Onda made the remarks while delivering a keynote speech "How 5G is Enabling Innovation by Collaboration" at 5G/Innovation Summit 2019 jointly organized by the Taipei City Government and Digitimes on November 25.

Onda said innovations means finding a special way to solve problems and create value that clients are willing to pay for.

Innovation is driven by three forces: to enable, empower and engage, Onda said.

He said there are five scenarios for collaboration. First, cooperation between hardware and software industries to make up an ecosystem for the technological development. In addition to AI, IoT and big data, the ecosystem covers edge computing-enabled end-use devices and software.

Second, enterprises invest in startup businesses for technological innovation. Surveys show that the global total for such investment in 2019 will reach US$36.6 billion. For enterprises, technological innovation does not originate internally but comes from outside including competitors in the same and other industries.

Third, cooperation among competitors in the same industries.

Fourth, cooperation across industries to form ecosystems: for example, B2B-based construction of a 70km fiber-optic network to build a unique environment for photography using 5G's high-speed transmission and low latency; and B2B2G (government)-based development of smart city solutions.

Fifth, cooperation between different generations to work out possible 5G applications.

Startup investment expert

Jay Onda from Orange Siliocn Valley
Photo: Digitimes staff, November 2019