Gigabyte releases newest high-performing notebooks New AERO on the first day of Computex

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With the era of 5G just around the corner, digital content is sure to bloom. In response to the trend, on the first day of Computex 2019, Gigabyte released the New AERO series - the company's newest high performance notebooks that feature powerful performance, precise color, brilliant 4K OLED displays, and user-friendliness. Targeting content creators who are always racing against time, the devices offer to be mobile studios that provide everything they need in whatever creation scenarios.

The New AERO 15 OLED comes with the industry's only PANTONE-calibrated AMOLED HDR display while the New AERO 17 comes with 4K HDR display; both deliver high color contrast. Each device is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM 20/GTX 16 graphics card and a super powerful 9th-generation eight-core Intel CoreTM i9-9980HK/six-core i7-9750H processor for ultimate performance, while the two turbine fans dissipate heat more effectively than notebooks of the same class or even higher-end models, running professional video editing software Premiere Pro 20%-40% faster. The OLED panel of the New AERO 15 OLED is capable of outputting 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. Gigabyte is the only one in the industry to ensure that the display of every single notebook is factory-calibrated to X-Rite Pantone certified procedure for color accuracy. Always committed to innovation and quality, Gigabyte takes an All Intel Inside approach - using key components supplied by Intel - and has included Microsoft Azure AI in its machines to intelligently control CPU and GPU resources according to computer programs' needs. At a portable weight of 2.1 KG and with an ultra-thin 3mm bezel, this series is a perfect balance of ultra-thin, efficient, and precuse color. JC Lin, a professional content creator and an experienced Hollywood Effect Technical Director who participated in the production of the famous drama series Game of Thrones, had first-hand experience with visual effects production on the New AERO. He was impressed with the best-in-class, efficient computing and smooth user experience, running the commonly-used VFX solver Eddy with performance 2 to 3 times better than other devices popular with content creators.

Gigabyte joins hands with Intel and Microsoft on the way toward the 5G era, making it possible for content creators to achieve greatness on AERO notebooks

From CES to MWC, 5G technologies have shone in recent international technology events and are highly relevant to critical applications of high-profile technologies such as AR/VR and AI. As the era of 5G arrives, the industry of high-resolution content will see even more exponential growth. Supported by extremely-high-speed connection, content creators will be able to increase their productivity through real-time collaboration and cloud-terminal integration of resources. Meanwhile, increasingly refined digital content of higher resolution requires computing power for the more complex renderings of light and shadow as well as dynamic images of high frame rates. That is to say, for editing, rendering, and file conversion, content creators will need a more powerful device to produce works of higher specifications and larger file sizes in order to meet their audience's demand.

As Chairman of Gigabyte Technology,Dandy Yeh said, "The drive for innovation in our products and services has always been human-centered: bringing the best experience to people while attending to practical needs that constantly evolve with time. In the 5G era, with the emergence of self-media, social media and the renovation of Internet infrastructure, content creators face great opportunities and whole new challenges. With AERO 15 OLED, Gigabyte redefines the future notebook market by creating notebooks that best fit into creators' useage scenarios and supports our users in becoming Brilliant Creators with the assistance of powerful and high-quality devices. By doing so, we bring more possibilities to individual achievements as well as rapid growth for the content industry in general. We will expand the AERO line to provide content creators with even more unique and excellent user experience powered by top-notch Intel Core i9 processors. Meanwhile, our gaming notebooks AORUS will uphold its commitment to better gaming grunt, offering optimum performance, fast-ever visuals, and superb keyboard experience. "

Gigabyte's dedication to high quality is also evident in its work with powerhouses in the notebook ecosystem, such as Intel and Microsoft. "Gigabyte's ability to innovate in the area of ultra-thin notebooks is well-recognized. It's among the first to respond to Intel's idea of All Intel Inside by incorporating it in the AERO series. It has fitted high-quality Intel key components and powerful SSD into in the New AERO 15 OLED's light and ultra-thin frame while ensuring compatibility and durability, "said Fredrik Hamberger, Head of Intel System Product Marketing.

Alvaro Celis, Vice President of World Wide Device Sales at Microsoft, said, "We appreciate that Gigabyte continues to deliver innovative AERO PCs for gamers and now creators. Including Azure AI services in the PCs offer great user experiences by ensuring optimum device performance and energy efficiency."

Ultra-thin, efficient, and precise, a PANTONE-calibrated OLED display is the only choice for professional creators to carry out zero off-shade content production

With user scenarios of content creation in mind, the New AERO has four major advantages that highlight its ingenious hardware specifications, design and build, and software integration. The robust CNC-fabricated chassis underpins a more solid build. Even the 15-inch model includes a number pad, which is not often found in ultra-thin notebooks of the same size, while the wide array of ports and the superfast 300MB/S UHS-II SD card reader allow users to transfer and immediately show their large-sized digital works on the AERO 15 OLED screen of great color depth.

Powerful Performance: The New AERO is the only notebook in the industry using All Intel Inside - a powerful combination of Intel components including an Intel Core i9-9980HK/i7-9750H processor - complemented with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 20/Nvidia GeForce GTX 16 graphics card that is capable of real-time ray tracing. Microsoft Azure AIAI is designed to automatically tune GPU and CPU resource allocation according to computing needs under different circumstances. The professional video editing software Premiere Pro runs 20%-40% faster on AERO than on its peers. Recognizing that cooling is key to performance stability, the machine comes with 2 fans, 5 pipes, and 11 air inlets/outlets to back its powerful performance and ensures users' comfort and efficiency, producing noises lower than 40dB and temperature lower than 36oC under heavy workloads.

Precise Color: AERO covers 100% gamut of the DCI-P3, a wide color space defined by the film industry and used by image creators. Unlike other manufacturers, who test samples or merely use software color calibration, Gigabyte takes profession creators' need for precise color as its priority, making sure that the OLED display of every single AERO notebook is factory-calibrated to meet X-Rite Pantone standards and a Delta E < 1 value (while the average standard in the industry is a value of 3 or more). The unique, high-standard test procedure is an effective solution to color difference, a common issue with OLED displays, and a way to output precise, real, and vivid colors for professional creators.

Brilliant 4K OLED Display: The New AERO is available in 15-inch and 17-inch models. The 15-inch model has a 3mm-thin bezel 4K OLED display of gorgeous colors and high resolution, and the 17-inch model also sports a color-calibrated 4K HDR display with ultra-thin borders to maximize the space for the screen and create superb, immersive visual experience.

User Friendliness: The device supports Windows Hello fingerprint and facial recognition for a hassle-free bootup. It has high-level security features that protect the safety of creators' intellectual property stored on the device and offers a wide array of ports and a super-fast SD reader for reading images, transferring data, and connecting external monitors.

Hollywood Visual Effects professional JC Lin tried out the New AERO: A solid offer with insights into creators' pain points and nearly 3X better performance

JC Lin, a Taiwanese expatriate and an experienced Effect Technical Director who created visual effects for well-known TV and film productions including the Emmy Award-winning drama series Game of Thrones, is a typical content creator. Because of his job, which often involves building 3D visual effects for epic movie scenes, a high-performing notebook is something he greatly needs. As Lin explained, "When the rendering of the scenes was more complex, sometimes we needed to connect 8 GPUs and have them work at the same time for better performance and shorter computing time so that we could meet the deadline." In the TV and film sector, where the industry dynamics and customer needs are evolving all the time, it is pivotal to have a device that works in all scenarios of content creation.

When Lin simulated vast and detailed fluid effects using Eddy on AERO, the rendering was completed almost real-time. While trying out the New Aero to create the piece of visual effects, Lin said he "deeply felt a sense of smoothness and flow completely different from experience with other notebooks. Performance is many content creators' major concern. In addition to AERO's computing power brought by the high-end graphics card and the newest processors, the incorporation of AI also allows users to focus on their creation rather than wasting time on manual configuration of computing resources. Take Eddy, a commonly-used VFX tool, for example, the performance was 2 to 3 times better on AERO than on other notebooks that are popular among creators, with the simulated smoke showing up almost in real time. Also, it was impressive how Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED was able to deliver exquisite details of rich colors in the case of lighting created using 4K rendering and environmental mapping."

Gigabyte is keenly aware of content creators' pursuit for perfection in their works. As JC Lin said, "Any seemly insignificant color differences or representation of details such as hair or woven fabrics will hugely affect the overall atmosphere and quality of a scene, so no sloppy work should be allowed. And it is also in these details that the NEW AERO's meticulous work shines through - such as its attention to color calibration and visual experience optimization. These are difficult for devices of the same class to surpass."

Gigabyte values the needs of content creators, and it takes actions to support emerging local creative. The Design Department of the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) will be sponsored by the company to create works on AERO devices. At the launch of the New AERO, there was also a display of NTNU students' multimedia works across categories: integrated brand identity design like CLAM LAB, Tomono and Ing Hand, audio-visual creation like xiang xiang, Gun Tau and Pray, and product design like the rust of time and Toooot. From graphic, packaging, product, audio-visual to even space design, the wide variety of pieces showcase AERO 15 OLED's cross-disciplinary performance. On the opening day of Computex Taipei, the launch is a perfect illustration of how technology and content creation work hand in hand.

AI-embracing Gigabyte organized an Azure AI session with Microsoft

Gigabyte, who takes great interest in AI development in consumer electronics, has not just introduced the world's first Microsoft Azure AI-powered notebook that gives consumers powerful computing since boot up. By organizing an Azure AI session with Microsoft during Computex, the company is doing its bit for AI development in Taiwan and the rest of the world, where channel partners and AI developers had been given in-depth presentations about Azure Service, focusing on R&D and outlook.

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