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V-Color unveils upgraded PRISM RGB memory and PCIe M.2 RGB SSD VPM800
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V-Color unveils its latest DDR4 Prism RGB memory and PCIe SSD VPM800 at Computex 2018. Carrying on the V-Color style, the new products feature not only a total upgrade to performance but also dazzling designs and colors, bringing gamers never-before-seen visual enjoyments and top-notch performance.

Combining the latest heat sink design and improved light bars to present fascinating lighting effects mimicking water flow, DDR4 Prism RGB is a must-have for PC modders and gamers. It comes with several models including the entry-level DDR4-2666 8GB CL 16 1.2V memory available in red and gray and two high-end models DDR4-3000/3200 8GB for heavy gamers and overclockers. DDR4-3000 8GB CL 15 1.35V features silver heat sinks while DDR4-3200 8GB CL16 1.35V, the highest spec among the Prism RGB series, is equipped with heat sinks made of special metallic materials with optimal heat transfer property to enhance heat dissipation. Built with Samsung B-die chips, DDR4-3200 8GB unleashes full overclocking potential for gamers to keep pushing the limit.

DDR4 Prism RGB products are built with 10 layers of PCB. They support Intel XMP 2.0 one-key overclock, enabling an instant boost to blazing performance. RGB lighting is controlled by Gigabyte and ASRock motherboard software and works in sync with other RGB devices to create dazzling, ever-changing colorful effects controllable by users in a snap of fingers.

The new RGB PCIe SSD VPM800 series is another highlight of V-Color's offerings. VPM800 SSDs use Silicon Motion's SM2263XT controllers and support PCIe 3.0 x4 interface and NVme 1.3 protocol. Take VPM800 480GB for example. It enables sequential read performance of up to 2,000MB/s and sequential write performance of up to 1,600MB/s. Maximum random reads and writes are rated at 250K IOPS and 200K IOPS respectively. VPM800 uses Toshiba's new 3D NAND Flash chips to significantly boost storage density. On the outside, V-Color still incorporates color IC patent in its PCIe SSD, coupled with RGB lighting, to instantly transform the cold, hard feel of an SSD to an eye-catching RGB work of art in concert with the lighting effect of Prism RGB. The two make a new gaming package with compelling cost advantages that gamers simply cannot miss this year.

V-Color chairman Tomson Ho thinks RGB is iconic and trendy in the gaming market. This is why V-Color is launching at full blast the Prism RGB series combining cool looks and powerful performance. "Prism RGB series uses metal heat sinks with optimal heat dissipation effects. Its weight also exceeds other products in the same category by more than 10g. V-Color aims to bring unrivaled experiences to gamers, no expense spared," said Ho with confidence.

With respect to the RGB synchronization issue gamers are concerned with, Ho indicated V-Color is working on a patented solution that combines software and hardware and synchronizes peripheral devices. The solution is scheduled for release by year-end 2018. Users can control RGB synchronization simply using a smartphone app. It is easy to use with no need for complicated BIOS settings.

Amid a market keen to get into overclocking, Ho holds a different view. "V-Color focuses on products that have a larger user base and strives to build up market presence in this segment. V-Color enables gamers to overclock their systems by themselves for better cost-performance ratios, rather than telling them where the limits are right in the beginning," said Ho.

Furthermore, V-Color's unique iMS technology has been around for a while. Ho commented, "iMS is now available with a simple push of the F4 key and the motherboard will automatically engage in memory error checking and correcting without the need for complicated BIOS operations. As such, motherboard makers no longer have to teach users how to do this. V-Color is working with Gigabyte and ASRock on iMS, which allows software and hardware to combine forces, demonstrating V-Color's outstanding R&D strength." To put it another way, V-Color looks to collaborate with system vendors and enhance service quality and efficiency to further boost system vendors' brand image. The partnership projects are 98% finished and final releases are planned for June 2018.

V-Color Computex 2018 booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

V-Color's Computex 2018 booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, J0818

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