Digitimes Research: Computex 2017 keeps VR/AR momentum going

Summer Kuo, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

The global VR/AR campaigns that began in 2016 continued into the recently concluded Computex 2017, highlighted by a slew of VR devices for high-end business applications, VR backpacks wirth wireless connections, and also AR-enabled smartphones targeting the consumer market, according to Digitimes Research.

However, over 80% of VR devices on display at Computex 2017 were those already unveiled either at E3 2016 or CES 2017. The release of Microsoft 10 MR made itself one of the fresh points at the show. The Windows 10 MR headsets are competitive in price as compared to HoleLens or other VR headsets available in the market. With support from OEMs, Microsoft is eager to expand the VR/MR market.

It was also eye-catching to see HTC incorporate Tobii's eye tracking technology into the Vive. The development of eye tracking technology will continue to gain market attention as more VR devices adopt the technology, Digitimes Research said.

Judging from the various VR devices displayed by exhibitors, it can be felt strongly that PC makers are trying to maintain the relationship between VR headsets and PC systems. The Windows 10 MR and Star VR are such examples, while VR backpacks are actually mobile PCs. Meanwhile PC makers are also stepping into the VR segment which requires the use of high-end PC systems such as the digital gaming market.