Digitimes Research: Taiwan makers ship 7.35 million LCD TVs in 1Q16

Tom Lo, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Taiwan-based makers shipped 7.35 million LCD TVs in the first quarter of 2016, decreasing 28.2% on quarter and 1.7% on year. 62.2% of shipments were ODM/OEM orders and 37.8% OBM, according to Digitimes Research.

Asia accounted for 42.4% of the shipments, North America 37.9%, Europe 18.4% and other markets 1.4%, Digitimes Research indicated.

In terms of screen size, below 32-inch models accounted for 9.2% of shipments, 32-inch ones 23.0%, 39-inch 2.6%, 40- and 43-inch 26.6%, 46- to 49-inch 7.7%, and 50-inch and above 30.9%.

TPV Technology was the largest maker taking up 55.8% of the shipments, followed by Foxconn Electronics with 20.4%, AmTran Technology with 7.8%, Compal Electronics with 7.1% and Wistron with 5.2%.

Shipments in the second quarter are forecast at 7.994 million units.

This article is an excerpt from a Digitimes Research Quarterly Data Report (Taiwan LCD TVs – 1Q 2016). Visit our latest Data reports.