Digitimes Research: Added capacity in China to drive down high-end smartphone panel pricing in 2016

Michael McManus, DIGITIMES, Taipei 0

In 2016, China's smartphone panel capacity is expected to increase steadily in 2016, as key makers Tianma Micro-electronics and BOE Technology increase capacity and other makers including GVO from Kunshan and Truly Opto-electronics increase the share of smartphone panels they produce, according to a recent Digitimes Research Special Report.

Tianma, based in Shenzhen, plans to expand its sixth-generation LTPS TFT LCD production lines in Xiamen in fourth-quarter 2016, while BOE plans to have its sixth-generation LTPS TFT LCD production lines in Chengdu enter mass production at the end of 2016, indicated Digitimes Research.

Digitimes Research predicts Tianma's high-end smartphone panel shipments to exceed 10 million units in fourth-quarter 2016, as the firm has the most LTPS TFT LCD capacity in China. BOE is predicted to see handset panel shipments be close to 90 million units during the boom season in third-quarter 2016, as the firm has the most handset panel capacity in China.

The report, titled "China smartphone touch-panel industry 2016 forecast," forecasts that by the end of 2016, high-end smartphone Full HD panel prices in China will drop to below US$12/unit with the on-year decrease expected at 23.1%.

This article is an excerpt from a Digitimes Research Special Report (China smartphone touch-panel industry 2016 forecast). Visit our latest Special reports.