Digitimes Research: LED makers extend development to IR, UV applications

Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

An international LED forum held in Taiwan in mid-June showed that makers have extended development and production from general lighting to IR (infrared), UV (ultraviolet) chips, and high-end automotive lighting, according to Digitimes Research.

Taiwan-based Epistar has become the globally largest IR LED maker, Digitimes Research indicated. Epistar-developed dual-junction high-power IR LED chips can increase recognizing distance at night and are mainly used in nighttime security surveillance. Epistar has developed low-power IR LED chips with wavelength of 1,550nm for use in measuring blood glucose. Low-power IR LED chips can be used in smartphones to recognize iris for personal identification.

For development of UV LED, Taiwan-based makers currently focus on UV-A (320-410nm in wavelength) LED and lag behind international vendors in more advanced UV-C (200-275nm) LED.