Digitimes Research: MediaTek, Rockchip to join Chromebook market

Joanne Chien, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

In addition to gradually integrating Android's ecosystem into the Chrome OS, Google is looking to support more processors. Chromebook-supported processors will include solutions from MediaTek and Rockchip in 2015, helping vendors to develop LTE-based inexpensive Chromebooks, according to information obtained by Digitimes Research from the upstream supply chain.

By boosting device values and cutting prices, the plan is expected to increase shipments of the Chromebook by another 100%.

Currently, both Samsung and Nvidia have already begun related businesses, but Digitimes Research estimates that ARM-based processors' proportion in the Chromebook's overall shipments will drop from over 60% in 2013 to only around 40% in 2014 because more brand vendors have released Intel-based Chromebooks due to Intel's aggressive promotions. At the same time, Samsung's ARM-based Chromebooks have not seen shipments grow as much as expected.

In 2015, MediaTek's and Rockchip's ARM-based solutions will enter the Chromebook market, but they are unlikely to boost ARM's share back to the2013 level. ARM is likely to have around 50% in 2015.