Friday 31 March 2017
Asustek may reboot connection with MediaTek after failing to receive priority from Qualcomm
Asustek has failed to be among the first wave of Qualcomm's customers adopting the firm's 10nm Snapdragon 835 processor and is also unwilling to use the older-generation Snapdragon...
Friday 3 March 2017
Taiwan market: Asustek launches pink-colored ZenFone 3 Max
Asustek Computer has released a new pink-colored model of its ZenFonre 3 Max family products into the Taiwan market.
Friday 26 August 2016
Asustek to struggle to reach 2016 smartphone shipment target
Asustek Computer will struggle to attain its revised goal of shipping 25 million smartphones in 2016 due to strong competition it faces from local vendors in China, as well as from...
Thursday 18 February 2016
Asustek lowers 2016 target global smartphone shipments
Asustek Computer originally set target shipments of 30 million ZenFone-series smartphones to all markets except China in 2016, but at a February 17 investors conference, it downward...
Friday 18 December 2015
Asustek ZenFone 3 to come with fingerprint recognition, say Taiwan makers
Asustek Computer will for the first time adopt fingerprint recognition technology for its third-generation ZenFone series smartphones to be launched in May-June 2016, according to...
Friday 4 December 2015
Commentary: Asustek adjusts smartphone strategy
Asustek Computer has started changing its marketing strategy for the ZenFone series, expanding its reach in the smartphone market from the entry-level segment to the higher-end one...
Friday 20 November 2015
Asustek sells 5 million smartphones in Indonesia
Asustek Computer launched ZenFone-series smartphones in the Indonesia market in 2014 and has cumulatively sold five million units, company CEO Jerry Shen said at an event to unveil...
Friday 17 April 2015
Asustek shifting ZenFone touch panel orders back to Taiwan
In order to secure stable shipments and maintain profitability, Asustek Computer will shift touch panel orders from O-Film to makers in Taiwan including JTouch, TPK and Young Fast...
Monday 30 March 2015
Asustek to add fingerprint ID function to ZenFone in 2H15, says paper
Asustek Computer is planning to add fingerprint identification functionality to its ZenFone smartphones in the second half, at the soonest and the function will become a default feature...
Tuesday 30 December 2014
Asustek aims to ship over 15 million smartphones in China in 2015
Asustek Computer just launched the X002 TD-LTE smartphone under its second brand Pegasus in the China market and aims to ship more than 15 million ZenFone series and Pegasus series...
Friday 26 December 2014
Asustek expects to ship 8 million ZenFone smartphones in 2014
Asustek Computer expects its ZenFone smartphone shipments to reach eight million units globally in 2014 and 16-20 million units in 2015, while monthly shipments of its recently launched...
Tuesday 23 December 2014
Asustek ZenFone 2 to be available in March, says report
Asustek Computer's next-generation ZenFone 2, which was originally set to start selling in February 2015, may be delayed to March as related development is behind schedule. However,...
Monday 17 November 2014
Asustek said to be adopting Qualcomm solution for new ZenFone; looking for price cut from Intel
In addition to CPUs from Intel, Asustek Computer is said to be planning to develop second-generation ZenFone smartphones using Qualcomm's solutions for 2015, according to sources...
Tuesday 4 November 2014
J Touch reports increased 3Q14 performance as ZenFone orders increase
Touch panel maker J Touch has reported its revenues increased 11.57% on quarter to NT$3.51 billion (US$103.42 million) during the third quarter of 2014 driven by orders from Asustek...
Wednesday 29 October 2014
Asustek launches ZenFone 5 in Japan
Asustek Computer on October 28 announced its ZenFone 5, a 4G-enabled smartphone, in Japan for launch on November 8 and will additionally launch a smartwatch, the ZenWatch, in late...