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Friday 15 March 2024
Operation O-RAN: The US plan to neutralize Huawei (and why it will work)
The US has a devastating not-secret plan to beat Huawei once and for all.
Wednesday 6 March 2024
Wi-Fi 7: the next wave in wireless revolution
In the ever-evolving realm of technology, AI is the beacon illuminating the path toward unprecedented advancements. According to Keysight,...
Monday 4 March 2024
Qualcomm and India signed MoU to grow local wireless ecosystem
The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) signed an MoU with Qualcomm to provide wireless IC designers to stimulate innovation and accelerate commercialization as Qualcomm...
Monday 26 February 2024
China's homegrown NearLink wireless tech to challenge Wi-Fi dominance, says DIGITIMES Research
NearLink (also known as SparkLink), China's homegrown wireless communication technology, entered commercialization in 2023 after being led by Huawei and supported by more than 400...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Wireless charging for electric cars is inching closer to reality
Someday soon, plug-in cars may no longer need a plug. Electric car drivers would simply pull into a specialized parking space when it's time to power up, wait for a light on their...
Thursday 25 January 2024
IC inspection labs enjoy gradual pickup in orders for consumer electronics
IC testing and certification labs such as Sporton International, BTL, and Audix have seen a gradual pickup in orders for consumer electronics and automotive products, as well as sustained...
Friday 22 December 2023
Apple's Wi-Fi chip self-development remains a challenging venture, according to industry assessment
Recently, there has been a lot of news on the market regarding Apple's Wi-Fi chips. This includes MediaTek products potentially entering the Apple supply chain through non-mainstream...
Monday 13 November 2023
AMICCOM announces 1.65mA ultra-low-receiving current sub-1GHz wireless transceiver - A7149
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new generation of ultra-low-receiving current Sub-GHz RF transceivers, named A7149. The A7149's RF core follows the A7139's RF...
Friday 10 November 2023
Huawei breaks speed records with Wi-Fi 7, promises a wireless revolution
Huawei achieves another breakthrough in wireless communication technology, recently unveiling a record-breaking performance test for its Wi-Fi 7 Access Point (AP). This reaffirms...
Friday 27 October 2023
Flexium expects sales to peak in 4Q23
Flexium Interconnect, a company specializing in flexible PCBs, expects its sales to peak for 2023 in the fourth quarter.
Wednesday 25 October 2023
AMICCOM releases low current sub-1GHz wireless transceiver SOC – A9129M0
AMICCOM released a new generation of low current sub1-GHz wireless SOC, named A9129M0. AMICCOM continues to integrate the existing RFICs with MCU and roll-out highly integrated SOC...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
Indian wireless operators show reserved interest in Open RAN
Despite rapid growth in telecom and networking coverage thanks to digitalization and an increasing penetration of the online population, Indian wireless operators do not favor Open...
Friday 13 October 2023
LinkCom sees wireless charging business grow, scaling automotive-grade magnetics
Taiwan-based magnetics solution provider LinkCom Manufacturing said its networking communication customers will keep increasing the penetration rate of their Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless equipment...
Friday 13 October 2023
MediaTek eyeing bigger presence in wireless chip market
With its ambitious Wi-Fi 7, 6G, and other next-generation technology roadmaps, MediaTek hopes to establish a stronger foothold in the wireless chip industry.
Thursday 12 October 2023
Huawei eyes on 5.5G to invogorate wireless communication market
As consumer electronics demand remains sluggish, new Huawei rotating chairman Ken Hu expects 5.5G to inject fresh momentum into its supply chain.
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