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  • miniled
    Taiwan-based PCB manufacturers, such as Taiwan PCB Techvest (TPT) and Apex International, are gearing up for the miniLED-backlit TV market boom as they have cut into supply chains...
  • Taiwan%27s+large%2Dsize+LCD+panel+shipments+grew+4%2E4%25+sequentially+and+26%2E5%25+on+year
    Taiwan's large-size LCD panel shipments grew 4.4% sequentially and 26.5% on year to come to 74.76 million units in the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • Global tablet market – 4Q 2020

    Wednesday 24 February 2021
    Fourth-quarter 2020 global tablet shipments amounted to 51.56 million units, soaring 17.6% from a quarter ago and 19.3% from a year ago.
  • Fourth%2Dquarter+2020+smartphone+shipments+to+the+China+market+amounted+to+86%2E7+million+units
    Fourth-quarter 2020 smartphone shipments to the China market amounted to 86.7 million units. The volume represented 19.3% growth quarter-over-quarter but 10.4% decline year-over-ye...
  • Global+large%2Dsize+LCD+panel+shipments+will+fall+at+a+CAGR+of+%2D0%2E3%25+2020+through+2025
    Global large-size LCD panel shipments will fall at a CAGR of -0.3% 2020 through 2025, while shipments of small-to-medium-size panels will be at 0.14%.
  • The+US+government+is+investigating+on+TCL+TVs+for+backdoor+allegation
    China-based TV maker TCL has denied that it planted backdoor software in its TVs sold to the US market.
  • Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 3Q 2020

    Wednesday 2 December 2020
    Taiwan shipped a total of 71.58 million large-size LCD panels in the third quarter of 2020, up 11.2% sequentially and 20.7% on year.
  • Smartphone+shipments+to+the+China+market+in+third%2Dquarter+2020+plunged+25%2E2%25+on+quarter
    Smartphone shipments to the China market in third-quarter 2020 plunged 25.2% on quarter and 26.2% on year due to the US government placing stricter trade sanctions on Huawei and consumer...
  • MiniLED%2Dbacklit+TVs
    Everlight Electronics started shipping POB (package on board) miniLED backlight units (BLU) for TCL's LCD TVs in second-quarter 2020, according to industry sources.
  • Macroblock+wins+mini+LED+driver+IC+orders+from+Samsung%2C+Konka%2C+TCL
    Macroblock has obtained orders for its mini LED driver ICs from major display vendors for use in their large-size RGB mini LED TVs, according to the company.
  • Global tablet market – 2Q 2020

    Wednesday 19 August 2020
    Second-quarter 2020 global tablet shipments amounted to 39.65 million units, surging 60.5% from a quarter ago and 21.4% from a year ago, outperforming expectation.
  • Taiwan%27s+large%2Dsize+LCD+panel+shipments+grew+35%25+sequentially+and+10%2E8%25+on+year
    Taiwan's large-size LCD panel shipments, after experiencing five straight quarters of on-year declines, grew 35% sequentially and 10.8% on year to come to 64.38 million in the second...
  • Smartphone+shipments+to+the+China+market+in+second%2Dquarter+2020+were+doubled+sequentially
    Smartphone shipments to the China market in second-quarter 2020 were doubled sequentially, as the coronavirus pandemic in China was eased, while the economy was benefited by the re-opening...
  • TCL+is+said+as+a+potential+buyer
    China's Nanjing Huadong Electronics Information and Technology has disclosed that it is looking for potential buyers of its stakes in two LCD fabs belonging to its subsidiary CEC-Panda...
  • Global+TV+shipments+dropped+in+1H20
    Global TV brands are revving up efforts to spike their shipments for the second half of 2020 to make up shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the first half, according...
  • Taiwan%27s+large%2Dsize+LCD+panel+shipments+totaled+47%2E69+million+units+in+the+first+quarter+of+2020
    Taiwan's large-size LCD panel shipments totaled 47.69 million units in the first quarter of 2020, down 19.3% sequentially and 12.3% on year.
  • Smartphone+shipments+to+the+China+market+in+first%2Dquarter+2020+plunged+51%2E9%25
    Smartphone shipments to the China market in first-quarter 2020 plunged 51.9% from the prior quarter to reach the lowest single-quarter shipment volumes in recent years, as the market...
  • Xiaomi+now+top+smart+TV+vendor+in+China
    Chinese handset vendor Xiaomi has also emerged as the largest smart TV brand in China by leveraging the strategy of high price-performance ratios, outracing many veteran peer brands...
  • Smartphone+shipments+by+China+vendors+in+third%2Dquarter+2019+came+to+above+180+million+units
    Smartphone shipments by China-based vendors in third-quarter 2019 came to a total of above 180 million units, down 2.5% on quarter and 5.3% on year.
  • Global+smartphone+shipments+will+continue+to+decline+for+the+second+year+in+2019
    Global smartphone shipments will continue to decline for the second year in 2019. Although emerging markets have demand coming from feature phone users switching to smartphones, it...
  • Global+TV+shipments+edged+up+1%2E5%25+on+year+to+19%2E36+million+units+in+August
    Global TV shipments edged up 1.5% on year to 19.36 million units in August, as shipment growths in areas including Latin America, India and Asia Pacific were offset by a 7% on-year...
  • Smartphone+shipments+by+China%2Dbased+vendors+in+2Q19+topped+180+million+units
    Smartphone shipments by China-based vendors in second-quarter 2019 topped 180 million units, soaring 26.7% on quarter and 5.6% on year.
  • Smartphone+shipments+to+China+slid+to+71%2E7+million+units
    Smartphone shipments to China slid to 71.7 million units, down 31.3% on quarter and 16.7% on year in first-quarter 2019.
  • As continued price falls for large-size and 4K TVs are expected to drive TV replacement demand, global TV shipments may edge up 0.6% on year to 230-240 million units in 2019 from...
  • Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 4Q 2018

    Thursday 14 February 2019
    With weak seasonal demand, Taiwan's large-size LCD panel shipments dropped 3.7% sequentially to arrive at 62.38 million units in the fourth quarter of 2018.
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