Friday 19 January 2024
Backend houses bullish about advanced packaging demand
Long-term prospects are bright for advanced packaging technology, thanks to robust demand for AI and HPC chips, according to sources at backend houses.
Monday 11 September 2023
3D chiplets to steer the next advanced packaging trend
Advanced packaging and testing have become the hottest topics in the semiconductor industry in 2023, with TSMC's CoWoS packaging technology experiencing extremely high demand due...
Friday 18 August 2023
Advanced packaging becomes next battlefield for Intel and TSMC
The importance of advanced packaging to the continuation of Moore's Law has already attracted TSMC and Intel to the field.
Thursday 3 August 2023
AMD to adopt TSMC 3D SoIC tech in gaming notebook processors, say sources
AMD plans to incorporate TSMC's 3D SoIC (system on integrated circuits) stacking and chiplet packaging technology into its gaming notebook processors, following the company's implementation...
Monday 12 June 2023
SoIC technology enhances TSMC cooperation with OSAT players
TSMC's 3D Fabric advanced packaging and testing plant, AP6, has officially started operation. Advanced packaging and testing providers have indicated that the 3D Chiplet and System-on-Integrated-Chip...
Tuesday 9 May 2023
3D chip stacking tech competition intensifying
TSMC has recently announced SoIC-P, microbump versions of its System on Integrated Chips (SoIC) solutions providing a cost-effective way for 3D chip stacking.
Thursday 27 April 2023
TSMC talks about enhanced N3E and other 3nm variants
At its 2023 North America Technology Symposium, TSMC showcased progress in its 2nm technology and new 3nm process variants, including an improved N3E.
Friday 7 April 2023
Nvidia to embrace TSMC 3D SoIC tech
Nvidia is expected to use TSMC's 3D SoIC (system on integrated chips) stacking and chiplet packaging technology in its high-end processors set to debut between 2024 and 2025, according...
Thursday 8 December 2022
OSATs still uncertain about constructing facilities in US
Though TSMC is building advanced wafer fabs in the US, Taiwanese OSAT companies still have concerns about constructing facilities there to provide cutting-edge packaging services...
Wednesday 31 August 2022
TSMC to boost advanced packaging capacity by 2026
TSMC expects to scale up its advanced packaging production capacity in 2022, which will be 300% greater than that in 2018, and to further boost the output by 2026 thanks to the commercialization...
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