Monday 7 January 2019
Taiwan government prepares measures to cushion US-China trade war
With China-US trade tensions expected to continue heating up in 2019, the Taiwan government has worked out measures for five major industries to help them cushion the impacts.
Friday 12 October 2018
ISE Labs of ASE renders direct IC validation services to system makers
The ISE Labs operated by ASE Technology Holdings has enabled the world's top backend service provider to render IC test and validation services directly to makers of diverse hardware...
Friday 12 October 2018
Synopsys Armenia provides cradle for quality IT talent
Having developed a solid presence in Armenia, US-based electronic design automation (EDA) solutions provider Synopsys has spared no efforts fostering young Armenia IT talent through...
Friday 12 October 2018
China may see world-class IC equipment makers in next 5-10 years
China will see the birth of some world-class semiconductor equipment suppliers in the next 5-10 years, according to David H Wang, chairman and CEO of ACM Research, a wafer cleaning...
Friday 28 September 2018
Startups must be innovative in serving customers, says Facebook executive
What counts most for innovation startups lies not in business models but in how to serve customers, and therefore startups must work hard to find ways to solve problems for customers...
Tuesday 11 September 2018
Taiwan startups should eye applications combining hardware, software, says Gwong Lee, managing director of Translink Capital
Successfully starting his own business twice, Gwong Lee, managing director, Translink Capital, sold his second firm for a high price 15 months after its establishment and he was named...
Wednesday 5 September 2018
Homecare platform startup Ucarer launches in Silicon Valley
Taiwan-headquartered Ucarer, which helps connect Chinese seniors who need in-home care with homecare professionals, is seeking series B funding as it begins to expand business to...
Friday 31 August 2018
Taiwan to solicit US investors in AI, IC, biotech
Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) will send a delegation September 6-17 to the Silicon Valley and Boston seeking to solicit potential investors there to invest in...
Tuesday 21 August 2018
Taiwan should encourage early-stage investments, says LuxNet chairman Hsing Kung
LuxNet chairman, Hsing Kung, has founded three companies. Among them, SDL was established in 1983, specializing in manufacturing optical communication devices. It was sold for US$41.1...
Wednesday 8 August 2018
Advantest to showcase new SSD testing capabilities and present 2 technical papers at Flash Memory Summit
Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation will display its new testing capabilities for PCIe Gen4 solid-state drives (SSDs) using its MPT3000 testers and...
Monday 23 July 2018
IoT combining AI, blockchain, CarTech to create huge opportunities, says Ayla Networks co-founder
IoT (Internet of Things) does not promise a turnkey solution serving all needs but is a wide variety of solutions tailored to meet different needs of multiple products and services,...
Tuesday 3 July 2018
IoT startup Ayla Networks expecting fast expansion
IoT (Internet of Things) startup Ayla Networks has posted exponential revenue growths since 2015 and expects fast expansion in the next two years after acquiring US$130 million in...
Tuesday 26 June 2018
Taiwan needs to build angel investor culture, says David Weng, CEO of Taiwania Capital
David Weng, CEO of national-level investment firm Taiwania Capital, worked in Silicon Valley for as long as 37 years with 20 years of them spent in the venture capital industry. He...
Friday 22 June 2018
Internal entrepreneurship to be key for Taiwan innovation development, said NTU professor Gary Wang
Thanks to his 20 years of work in Silicon Valley, Gary Wang, a professor of the Creativity & Entrepreneurship Program at National Taiwan University (NTU), co-founder and chairman...
Friday 22 June 2018
TSMC develops SiP technology
Pure-play foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has been enhancing its IC packaging capability by developing system-level packaging technology.
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