NATEA and TTA SV to hold pitchoff event on September 9-10

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Credit: NATEA

North American Taiwanese Engineering Association (NATEA) and Taiwan Tech Arena Silicon Valley (TTA SV), a startup ecosystem-building program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan, are pleased to announce that they are jointly hosting the U.S. Taiwan Startup Forum (UTSF) 2021, a virtual showcase of 16 tech startups that were founded by Taiwanese and Taiwanese American entrepreneurs. The event will take place on Sept. 9 and 10 from 5 to 7 p.m. PDT.

The event is free with the registration info in this link

The 16 startups - which specialize in Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, semiconductor, blockchain, and IoT technologies - will showcase their technologies to US-based investors and high-tech professional attendees at the virtual event.

The event will include two keynote speakers that include Phil Libin, CEO of mmhmm & All Turtles, and Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed. Audiences will have the chance to meet startup founders at their digital booth on Filo, a virtual conference platform.

This year, the selected 16 startup teams were founded by notable tech industry leaders. For example, Taelor, an AI-powered menswear rental subscription service, was founded by Anya Cheng. Another promising startup founded by Kari Wu, a former Adobe product manager, creates a video tool app that helps produce professional-quality video clips from mobile devices within seconds.

Some other startups such as A.V. Mapping and Allies were recently part of Berkeley SkyDeck, which was named in Forbes as one of the top five U.S. university accelerators. A.V. Mapping has won the Red-Dot Awards for AI design, helps video producers to find and license music directly from music owners. Another startup, Allies, helps people to find out if their food is gluten-free in minutes.

Meanwhile, startups from the Plug and Play accelerator will also be joining this year's summit. For example, BlockChain Security helps property managers with digital documentation using blockchain technology. AIPLUX facilitates companies to obtain foreign trademarks and KryptoGo helps banks with anti-money laundering (AML).

"This is a community event that helps to bridge minority founders and US investors and the high-tech community," said Rex Chen, president of NATEA Silicon Valley. While there are many startup pitch events in Silicon Valley, it is rare to offer a safe space for minority founders to learn and exchange ideas between Silicon Valley and Taiwan startup ecosystem.

The Sept. 9 event will feature the following eight startups with consumer products:

An AI-powered menswear rental subscription that helps busy men to look good without the commitment of buying clothes. Taelor is founded by Anya Cheng, a notable former Facebook Shop Product Lead and former eBay Head of Product.

A videographer software that helps people, such as real estate agents, to create videos for business purposes with AI-powered editing.
MAKAR by Mind & Idea Fly
An AR/VR content creation and editing tool for teachers.


A computer vision platform for remote team play and activities

A.V. Mapping
A one-stop AI video and audio mapping and music licensing platform for media, video and game creators.

A real-time engineering collaboration tool.

Allis by TFT
A portable biochemical sensor that helps consumers detect if food is gluten-free in minutes.

BlockChain Security
A blockchain technology that helps property managers win court cases and get rid of bad tenants by proving the authenticity of leasing documents and communication records.

The Sept. 10 event will feature the following eight startups for the enterprise market.

A recruiting service for companies to hire tech talents in Taiwan.
Avalanche Computing
An AI development tool for companies to build AI faster.

Torkance Technologies
Technology for the memory industry for its thin-film development, using new magnetic film measurement.

A smart lockbox to help hosts remotely manage property access.

A 3D architecture solution that provides a realistic and virtual environment to improve the process of building a smart city effectively and efficiently.

A compliance technology that helps financial service institutions, such as banks, to enhance money laundering prevention with Chinese language recognition.

An audio technology that improves hearing-aid devices.

A one-stop platform for everyone to file for cross-border trademark protection.

About North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association (NATEA)

NATEA is a non-profit organization headquartered in Silicon Valley and has more than 10 chapters in North America. NATEA helps Taiwanese and Taiwanese American high-tech communities with leadership and technical skills as well as a platform for career assistance and entrepreneurship. NATEA hosts a wide variety of technology-related events including semiconductor, blockchain, artificial intelligence as well as complementary skills in leadership and product management among others.

About the Taiwan Tech Arena Silicon Valley (TTA SV)

TTA SV is the Silicon Valley office of TTA, a startup ecosystem-building program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. TTA SV helps technology startups in Taiwan to enter the U.S. market, supports U.S. tech startups founded by Taiwanese entrepreneurs to grow, and fosters the exchange of technology trends and best practices between Silicon Valley and Taiwan. TTA SV has helped 150 startups to mature, and half of them have successfully raised investments.